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Forno Osteria Boracay

Forno Osteria: Boracay’s hidden gem

Going on vacation means experiencing the best of the best, especially when with dear friends or family. Nothing beats staying at the most relaxing and beautiful accommodations, participating in thrilling activities, and, of course, indulging in the best food – an integral part of any travel experience.

For your next trip, spend a short vacation at the country’s well-known white-sanded beach destination, Boracay, specifically at Discovery Shores Boracay (DSB). The resort is well-known for their heartful and top-class service so getting to experience that kind of hospitality, especially after a two-year lockdown, is definitely a welcome treat. With their comfortable rooms, amenities, exquisite meals, and most especially its breathtaking sunset view by the Sand Bar, it’s the ideal destination for that dream vacation. 

Unexpected Surprise 

Walk around the property and discover a gem tucked away in the intimate corner of DSB, named Forno Osteria. A fine Italian restaurant that is perfect for a rustic dining experience with the family, this dining destination is also an ideal venue for dates or romantic dinner for two.

Derived from the Italian words “Forno,” which means “oven”, and “Osteria,” which translates to “Italian restaurant serving wine and good food,” the restaurant features two industrial ovens, a pizza brick-oven and a Josper oven, at the center of its show kitchen – a key element that will surely catch your curiosity and urge you to give this hidden gem a try. 

Forno Osteria Boracay

Dining at Forno Osteria is like waking up on Christmas morning with lots of gifts waiting to be opened. Each course, each dish is a discovery of tastes and textures that are skillfully crafted together. During your visit, try their homemade Linguine alla Vongole and savor the sweet-salty freshness of clams, complemented by the al dente firmness of the pasta and the slight kick from the chili flakes. Every umami-filled forkful bite is a splendid experience. 

The first dish has primed your palate for the star of the night: their mouthwatering steaks. Made from the finest cuts of hand-selected, primed USDA Angus Beef, this well-seasoned meat is cooked to perfection in their famous Josper oven.  Originating in Barcelona in 1969, the Josper oven is a specialized machine that combines the function of a grill and an oven; namely, the age-old art of grilling over charcoal and the conveniences of controlled cooking temperatures of an oven. The cooked steak has  a slight char on the outside but still juicy and tender on the inside. Each bite lets you discover the best of both grilling and oven cooking – the smokey and full-bodied flavor of grilled meat with the juicy tenderness of the steak.

Forno Osteria Boracay

A visit is not complete without trying out their freshly made pizzas. Its hand-stretched dough, topped with the right amount of local and imported cheeses, and fresh tomato sauce, herbs and spices that were harvested from the resort’s organic farm in Sambiray, Caticlan, plus the slices of a variety of toppings make these gourmet pizzas a real treat. Cooked in the brick oven, the resulting pizza comes out with a light golden-brown crust that creates the crispiest crust texture – a medley of flavors and textures all in one perfect bite. 

After a great meal, they finished it up with a serving of their homemade gelatos; the perfect, sweet, and cool way to end a night of discovery–something that the whole family will definitely look forward to on their next visit.

Experience this gem and all the best that Boracay has to offer; from accommodation, to activities, to dining! Forno Osteria is open everyday. for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To know more about their menu, you may visit their website at

For reservations contact their Food and Beverage Team at (+63) 917 682 6999 and or email [email protected].

Happy dining!