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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Written by Jeanette Ipapo-Tuason

I love big cars; My only issue is driving them. I’m not going to lie. I prefer having a driver because busy moms like me (I have five kids) want to go down, dash into whatever I need to buy, and go without the hassle of parking.

But you know, sometimes the driver is away or busy with other errands. So when I have to drive myself, I drive a small car which sometimes makes it impossible to one, fit all my children plus the Yaya; two, fit all the items I need to bring and buy; 

This week, I tested the new Nissan Livina. Their claim to fame is that they are the Most Family Friendly Vehicle yet” So what makes a car family-friendly and exciting? I have itemized my needs and see how the Nissan Livina “fares.”

Nissan Livina

It has to have space. 

The first time I sat in the driver’s seat, I thought, wow, this is a spacious cabin. It feels bigger than it looks. It is a 7-Seater with fold-flat rear seats if you need more load space. If all seven seats are up, there’s space for a couple of duffel bags, maybe a small suitcase, but you will have to sacrifice the seat incline. The third row fits my little kids, and the big cabin gives a more comfortable feeling. 

Nissan Livina

It needs to be easy to drive. 

Livina is easy to drive and is very responsive. It has a reverse camera with parking sensors which makes life easier. It gives you a high and broad perspective of the road that feels like you have a wide-angle lens. The steering wheel is light, and its ride is comfortable enough, even on bumpy roads.

It also feels light, like driving a compact vehicle instead of an MPV. Nissan has what they call Intelligent Mobility safety features like Hill Start Assist and Vehicle Dynamic Control, which are available in the VL model.

It needs to have good air conditioning. 

Hot flashes and a full car is standard in my everyday life. So good air conditioning is a must. Nissan prides itself on having excellent air conditioning, and I agree. Sometimes going out midday is such a chore because of the heat and humidity of the metro, but putting the air-con in high for a short time solved this issue. 

It needs to be low maintenance. 

Moms have 1001 things on their minds, so one less thing to think of is a gift. This Livina variant ( VL) comes with a 5-Year Warranty and twice -a a-year of Preventive Maintenance Service. Hopefully, this comes with a call from the Casa and a pick-up service to make my life easier. 

For me, leather seats make life easier for spills and cleaning up. So one point for Livina for having all seven chairs upholstered in leather. 

Nissan Livina

It needs to have something for everyone. 

“Are we there yet? Can you put the volume down? Can you put the air-con on high? Can you charge my phone?” These are just some of the annoying things we do in the car. So how does the Livina fare? It has charging ports in the dash and the third row and a separate air-con vent and  control in the second row. There are enough nooks and crannies to put water bottles and small items without having to do a treasure hunt around the car.

In terms of entertainment and navigation, you can connect your phone via Bluetooth to its 7 “touchscreen display. 

So the Verdict?

For its price point (starting price, 1,029,000), the Livina is a great contender for moms trying to get a new car this Christmas. The key takeaway is that the Nissan Livina is a good option for Moms whether they are chauffeur driven or driving it themselves. An excellent offering for loyal Nissan Fans.

Learn more about the All-New Nissan Livina at:


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