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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Living legends TAEYANG (of BIGBANG) and Jimin (of BTS) come together for a collaboration for the ages, and it’s quite the vibe. Imagine being serenaded and being told that you’re perfectly fit for each other by two of the biggest stars the k-pop industry has ever seen. Even the most stoic of individuals will surely have their hearts fluttering and beating out of control—I would know, mine certainly is.

The music video. Simplicity done to a tee, this music video operates mainly on vibes (see what I did there?). No extravagant CGI backgrounds to catch your eye or detailed narratives to follow, the music and its stars are the main show you should only be paying attention to. In a relatively open and unfurnished space, and only backdropped by captivating lights and moving set pieces, these set the stage for TAEYANG and Jimin to bust out their dance moves and groove along to the track. A vibe is something that you don’t force—it comes about naturally without prompting or seeking it. This music video evokes that very feeling—it’s effortless and charming.

The song. Lyrically, there isn’t much to derive from it, it’s not that deep. It’s a pretty straightforward love song, with the narrator speaking to their beloved of their apparent synergy. Saying lines such as; “I’m the music, you’re my top line,” “You’re the city, I’m the skyline,” or “I’m the movie, you’re the highlight,” the two seem to be trying to serenade a certain lover, believing that they are a perfect match.

Musically. The track is the perfect marriage between two very different vocalists. A combination of TAEYANG’s deep and rich vocal, and Jimin’s light and airy tone—it just fits together well. It also takes me back to a mix of ’90s to early ’00s pop and RnB. It first starts out very slow, with TAEYANG’s voice only supported by a light and soothing piano. It then moves to the first verse where this instrument is removed, and a hard-hitting drum beat is introduced which plays for the rest of the song moving forward. I can’t really point to a particular ‘90s to ‘00s song that this reminds me of, but I would say that overall it sounds very similar to Bruno Mars’ ‘That’s What I Like’. That comparison would make sense since that album was retro-inspired. It’s also cool to note that the drum fill to transition to the track’s chorus is reminiscent of the one played in Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson’s ‘Love Never Felt So Good’.

I can’t express it in words

Girl, you gotta know you got that vibe

Your smile is fine art

You wake up my soul

You got me feelin’ so right, yeah

It’s a vibe

– TAEYANG – ‘VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)’

Stills taken from ‘VIBE’ music video

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