Adventurous travelers share their life-changing safari memories

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Written by: Pam Pastor

A2A Safaris has been bringing people to Africa to experience their  luxury safaris for over 20 years now.

Co-founders Victor Dizon and Jose Cortes are passionate about the level of service they provide for their clients. And it’s not just Africa. Since 2014, A2A Safaris has also been arranging journeys of a lifetime  to Latin America and Antarctica. The Arctic is the latest on their list of exciting destinations.

A2A Safaris doesn’t just make bookings, we really go the extra mile.  Cortes said, “Oftentimes our travel consultants will visit our clients at their homes to help them pack for their safaris.”

It’s no wonder A2A Safaris has a long list of extremely loyal clients—repeat clients—many of whom go back every year and who end up recommending them to their fellow globetrotters.

On this page, some of their clients share their most unforgettable trips with A2A Safaris.

African honeymoon

A2A Safaris

My wife and I spent three weeks in Kenya and Rwanda. Our favorite thing about A2A Safaris is how accessible assistance is. No matter where we were or what time of day it was, there was always someone to assist us. We felt pampered throughout the whole trip. They went above and beyond to make our trip special and memorable. The itinerary was very detailed and well thought out. It was perfect.

A2A’s itineraries are not one size fits all. Ours was a mix of adrenaline and relaxation. We were able to tick off a lot of our bucket list items! One of them is being able to see the Big 5 in person. Another one is witnessing The Great Migration. And how can we forget spending time with a family of gorillas?

Sean Kevin Yuquimpo, 31, entrepreneur


Heaven on earth

A2A Safaris

We went to Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Not a day went by that “wow” did not slip out of my mouth.

At night, we were serenaded by the laugh of the hyenas and the mighty roars of the lions. In the morning, our wakeup calls were composed of the grunts of hippos and the symphony of birds.

When we visited The Ngorongoro Crater, as we slowly descended the caldera by car, I felt like I was dreaming, as what was in front of me literally looked and felt like it was heaven on earth.

We witnessed The Great Migration. We saw large herds of wildebeest and zebra grazing along the rolling savannahs of Tanzania and Kenya. We witnessed the glorious crossing of the Mana river, much like what happened during the stampede in “The Lion King.” In Mana Pools National Park, we tracked buffalos, elephants, crocodiles, and lions by foot.

Planning a safari can be really daunting. What you were expecting to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip can easily go wrong without proper knowledge and expertise. We heard countless terrible stories from fellow travelers to Africa. We knew that we made the best choice by booking with A2A and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You get something that money can’t buy—peace of mind, comfort, and safety throughout your travel.

Stefanie Ang, 38


The need to be delighted and spoiled

A2A Safaris

In 2016, we went to South Africa, and in 2019, we went to Kenya. Each trip left us wanting more. I loved the Franschhoek side trip when we went to South Africa. My kids loved the safari camp we stayed in. The unforgettable moments could fill an entire book.

I especially enjoyed that A2A made sure our breakfast with champagne and G&T sundowners was ready for us daily.  When my husband lost his heirloom pen in one of the hotels we stayed in, A2A managed to get it back for him.

We were spoiled rotten. What I loved was their understanding that we need to be delighted and they did it with so much style.

My idea of travel is to be relaxed and taken care of. I cannot imagine how to achieve this if I do not engage with a specialist like A2A. It’s like having an executive assistant who understands your needs and ensures everything is arranged meticulously while making it look effortless.

Almay Gaw, 47, entrepreneur


Exhilarating, intoxicating, addicting

A2A Safaris

A2A Safaris has taken us to Africa (South Africa and Botswana), South America (Peru and Chile), and very soon, Antarctica. They handle all the details that make the journeys seamless and they work with you to make every trip unique and memorable. Their service is anticipatory, collaborative, and attentive. It is also personalized.

We had no idea what awaited us on our first safari and every experience since has felt totally new. They were exhilarating, and intoxicating, and they have become addicting. We have been on four safaris with A2A and are eager to do more. We anticipate upcoming years with the question “Where will we go with A2A this year?”

We travel a fair amount and often plan our own trips to destinations we are familiar with. But for less familiar destinations, a specialist is a must. You wouldn’t want to be stuck out in the middle of the bush or desert needing assistance without experts on call.

Marga and Joel Binamira, semi-retired

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