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OCTOBER 27, 2022

2022 was the ‘Year of Julia Fox’ and there are just way too many things and moments that prove this. You might have first gotten to know her as Kanye West’s first girlfriend following his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Then quickly after that, you might have gotten to know her more from a lot of other things–as being Josh Safdie’s muse in his A24 film, Uncut Gems, or as a low-waist pant aficionado.

For her 33rd birthday this February 2, we present to you the times that Julia Fox solidified her place as an icon who’s repeatedly broken the internet.

1. When she posted a homemade eye tutorial video on her infamous Oscar’s 2022 After Party look that “nobody asked for” because people went gaga over how she looked like a glambot raccoon on the carpet. We love a queen who doesn’t gatekeep!

2. When she did a podcast episode on Alex Cooper’s “Call Her Daddy” and that one 5-second clip blew up because of her pronunciation of “Uncut Gems” and being Josh Safdie’s muse—and just how she generally talks was what blew her career up. Not a lot can say that, that’s for sure.

P.S. You can skip to the 5:40 mark to see that moment.

3. When she spilled the tea to Jimmy Kimmel about her being the ‘chosen one’ for Uncut Gems, believing that the script was written for her, and having had to fight over 300 actresses (to be exact) for the role she got without having any acting experience at all. That’s so…legendary.

4. When she wore a full leather ensemble to the same Oscars party where she did her own eye makeup and casually dropped that her clutch is made out of human hair. She did slay that look though– the red eyes definitely did the trick too.

5. When she was just newly split from Kanye and dished to us that she was not going to stop dating the billionaires of the world on a red carpet interview at the premiere of The Batman. And we fully agree with her.

6. When she casually called her dream project, her book a “masterpiece” in a Vanity Fair carpet interview, but she didn’t want to spill anything since she’s ‘superstichyous’. I mean we get it– you just have to keep a future #1 New York Times’ Bestseller as top secret right?

7. When she shared with Andy Cohen that her best celebrity date was with none other than certified loverboy, Drake. She shared that it was full of cuddles, a private jet, and picking up Chanel bags (yes, that’s plural) as a parting gift to boot. Where do we sign up?

8. When she personally brought back the bleached brow trend to the 2020s like it’s no big deal and had the legendary Pat McGrath do it. How else can she prove that she’s as lawless as a hippie when it comes to bringing playfulness back to Hollywood?

9. When she took to her TikTok and said that aging is “fully in” while practically giving the middle finger to all the $500 creams that have ‘anti-aging’ on them. And she’s not afraid to sue. I swear she’s honestly just saying and doing everything we’re afraid to and that’s trendsetting realness right there.

@juliafox Ooooo I know this is gonna make the broke boys mad #OLDISIN ♬ original sound – Julia fox

10. When she made pages with her denim look which turned out to just come from literally 1 pair of denim jeans. And by the grace of the Hollywood gods, of course, she made a tutorial just in case we would also want a 5-inch long denim bandeau made from the waistband of our jeans. Bless her soul.

11. When she just simply could NOT be stopped in her love affair with the lowest of the low-rise pants. Like how can they get any lower?? Seriously. Oh, and she also proved her dedication to them by telling us that she needed to ‘shave around’ too. For some pants? That’s mad respect.

Image Sources (L-R): Rachpoot, GC Images, Rachpoot

12. When she gave us a guided tour of her NYC apartment on TikTok, proudly stating that it’s “mice-infested” and that she’s proud of her tiny Manhattan pad because big mansions and flaunting wealth gives her the biggest ick. She took the words right out of our mouths.

@juliafoxCome with me on a very underwhelming apartment tour! also to clarify I have only ONE mouse and he’s cute 🥰♬ original sound – Julia fox

13. When she channeled Princess Diana and showed up in her own version of a revenge dress as she opened for the LaQuan Smith AW22 show in New York Fashion Week right after her split with Kanye. That’s unbothered as hell.

Image Source: Victor Virgile / Getty Images

14. And last but not least, when she didn’t give a flying F on her whirlwind ex-romance with Kanye, saying that “We were literally together for like a minute. I don’t think he even knows my full name or something.” It’s fine, Julia, we don’t know what’s up with Ye either anyway.

Happy birthday, Ms. Fox! We thank you for your iconic, legendary, and cult-status service. Salud! 

Header image courtesy of HIGHXTAR

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