Quaker Oats Health Check Caravan: Building better health habits this 2023

OCTOBER 27, 2022

The new year is the perfect time to restart, but how long before you drop those new year’s resolutions and go back to old habits? Luckily, Quaker has made it a whole lot easier for us to commit to healthier lifestyles by providing a nutritious, affordable and convenient ingredient for our everyday meals – oats. Last February 5, guests experienced how Quaker Oats can provide exciting recipes filled with oats that have 7x more fiber than long grain white rice to manage blood cholesterol levels, aid digestion, and provide energy throughout the day! In the Quaker Oats Health Check Caravan, attendees discovered how easy it is to commit to four simple New Year’s Resolutions: 


Promote better heart health by keeping blood cholesterol in check – One of the deadliest illnesses out there is (coronary) heart disease, and is typically caused by high blood cholesterol. Luckily, oats have beta-glucan fiber – clinically shown to help reduce both total and bad cholesterol levels, to promote better heart health. With Quaker Oats, you can make a hearty meal to a whole new level! 

Keeping an eye out for gut and digestive health – Quaker Oats gives you 7x more fiber than your regular long grain white rice, which helps aid digestion. Experts recommend at least 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day to keep things moving smoothly throughout your gut (GI tract). Need to meet that daily requirement? It’s simpler with Quaker Oats! Just check out this recipe.

Getting up and moving with daily exercise regimens – A bowl of cooked oatmeal breaks dawn, and turns into energy that your body will slowly absorb. Not only that, but every bowl of Quaker Oats can last long enough for you to power through your exercises, and also makes a great source of thiamin, phosphorus and magnesium. You can make your oats bite-sized for when you’re on the go, just to keep that energy up for pretty much any activity! 

Spending more time with your loved ones – With its unique texture and taste, you can enhance your oats with a variety of flavors and ingredients – savory or sweet, perfect to suit the preferences of every member of your family. 


Can you imagine indulging in your favorite home cooked meals every day, with less guilt and more benefits? Last February 5, Quaker Oats introduced new and outside-the-box recipes to encourage us Filipinos to incorporate healthier ingredients into our everyday meals! Guests used their passports as a guide through different health-related booths stationed around the venue, and completed the listed activities to receive exclusive prizes from Quaker! Joined by special celebrity guests Solenn Heussaff, Erwan Heussaff, Dimples Romana, Mikaela Martinez, Kelly Misa, Vanessa Matsunaga, and Marie Lozano, guests were treated to a full-day of celebration and entertainment. Our guest panel of nutritionists shared facts that helped the audience be more in-the-know when it comes to all things oat and health-related as they learned the benefits of oats through a comprehensive nutritional talk and panel discussion. Food partners like Bo’s Coffee, Max’s, The Moment Group, Gelato Manila, Mamanola, and TwentyFour Bakeshop were also in attendance during the Health Check Caravan to feature Quaker oat-based dishes for all fair-goers to relish in themselves! From main courses, to desserts, special guest chefs covered all bases, and showed just how easy it is to ramp up daily home menus with Quaker Oats. To top it all off, fitness partners like Gatorade, Groove Activewear, and Ride Revolution gave guests the boost they needed for their health and fitness journeys!

It is never too late to commit to better health habits. Live out the rest of 2023 with Quaker Oats – 7x more Fiber, 7x a Week, for a better, healthier you. Try out their recipes online and tag @quakeroatsph when you share your own #Quaker7xMoreFiber creations!


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