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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Bianca King. Image from Instagram / @bianca_king
Bianca King. Image from Instagram / @bianca_king
Bianca King. Image from Instagram / @bianca_king
Bianca King. Image from Instagram / @bianca_king

On her ninth month of pregnancy, Bianca King said that she has already prepared for the arrival of her son with her husband, Ralph Wintle.

In a series of photos that she posted on Instagram, the expecting actress showed her protruding belly, saying that “month 9” is by far “the longest month,” as they anticipate Baby Wintle’s coming.

But while waiting for childbirth, King said that she has already done quite a lot of cleaning and decluttering for when she would no longer have the time or energy to do so.

“I’m on a mad dash to buy as much as I can for your arrival, declutter and deep clean the entire house, batch cook frozen meals, deliver content I owe and hopefully have a week to disconnect from the world and focus on relaxing,” she addressed her unborn child in her Instagram post.



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She also discussed the process she went through as a first time mom as she struggled “with various aches and pains from hand to pelvis.”

“We are trying it all – massage, acupuncture, acupressure, physiotherapy, birth ball exercises and meditation. I can feel you pressing down, Braxton hicks are intense and you seem ready to come! But where are you?” she said, noting that they’re lucky so far as “we are low risk and you are perfectly normal.”

“The pool is pumped, our labor prep list is ready. Are you really inside me?⁠” she said.

And then she made a promise to listen to her body and prioritize her wellness now.

“I wish I did this sooner but I will learn from this. Cocooning starts now… a day before our estimated due date. But that’s what it is – a rough estimate! I will be patient. Come when you’re ready, we are now ready for you,” she said.

King and Wintle tied the knot in Sydney, Australia in 2021. Her husband is the brother of Iza Calzado’s husband Ben Wintle. EDV



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