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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Chef Carlo Miguel and Luca Angioletti

Chefs Carlo Miguel and Luca Angioletti have discovered the key to a well-made, mouth-watering dish—revelations they have put to the test in their respective kitchens, Burger Beast and Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s Cucina.

In a digital food landscape where much attention is placed on high-level cooking techniques and flamboyant showcases, Miguel and Angioletti remain firm in their belief that the best-sourced ingredients and a creative inclusive approach are all that you need to elevate a dish to the next level. As world-renowned chefs that have traveled all throughout the globe, there is no doubt that these experiences have sharpened and tested not only their skills but their very philosophies in the kitchen. Exposure to various cultures has expanded their horizons, leading them to understand that food cannot simply be limited by its cuisine.

Chef Carlo Miguel

Chef Carlo Miguel
Chef Carlo Miguel

Tried and tested, Chef Carlo Miguel has worn many hats, he is the Culinary Director of CloudEats, he served as the Corporate Executive Chef for Foodee Group Concepts, and he is also the President of the LTB Philippines Chefs Association. Versed in the many approaches to serving food, he has handled a number of restaurants in the Philippines such as  Sunnies Cafe, Mesa, Sala Bistro, Todd English Food Hall, and more. He now brings the expertise he has sharpened throughout the years and his love for burgers to Burger Beast, a digital brand that he first established in December 2019 that has taken the country by storm—now they’ve gone and built their own brick-and-mortar store.

“Having been a digital brand for over 2 years, this is something we’ve been missing out on. We wanted our customers to have a more in-depth multi-sensory experience of Burger Beast- from hearing the sizzling sound of our signature burger patty on the griddle, to inhaling its nice inviting aroma, and finally taking a bite into a freshly cooked gourmet burger,” he shares.

Burger Beast's Umami Burger
Burger Beast’s Umami Burger

In creating his masterpieces, Miguel returns to the Umami sauce that he spent a little over a year developing and perfecting—it is also a key ingredient for their Umami Burger, their so-called “beast seller”. He explains, “I wanted to create a burger sauce with a lot more depth and flavor. I took inspiration from where we are in the world which is Asia. I brought bigger umami flavors to it by using a lot of Asian ingredients.” Showing the versatility of this specialized condiment, the umami sauce is also used with their other menu items.

Driving home the point that a creative and inclusive approach is key, their buns are a cross between Brioche and Hokkaido Milk Bread, making it a little softer than usual, while still acting as a sufficient vessel for the sandwich’s other ingredients. Even their burger patties are different. Chef Miguel refers to them as “steak-style”. Typically, patties are ground from various cuts of beef and then rolled and subsequently molded into the desired shape. Yet, in Burger Beast, heaps of ground beef are shaped into logs, frozen, and then cut into patties. Explaining the rationale behind this, he finds that the traditional way oftentimes results in a rubbery patty whereas his method allows the meat to crumble with every bite; a matter of preference in texture.

Referring to their latest store as his “Burger Lab”, he will be utilizing the space as a kind of incubation site where he will be creating and testing new burgers before rolling them out. Two of these experimental burgers are the Kimchi Bacon Cheese Burger, and the Balsamic Blue Cheese Burger; both of which can be ordered from their secret menu. It’s not much of a secret, it’s just that these are not well-suited for delivery and should be consumed immediately.

Burger Beast is located at 4F Uptown Food Hall, Uptown Mall, BGC, Taguig City

Chef Luca Angioletti

Chef Luca Angioletti
Chef Luca Angioletti

Chef Luca Angioletti values quality ingredients above all else. Sure technique matters, this after all is the manner in which you treat, construct, and elevate what you have. But in the grand scheme of things, what are your brushes and paint without a canvas to create on? 

Italian chef Luca Angioletti now takes the role of Executive Chef of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s Cucina. With more than 20 years of industry experience in award-winning restaurants across Doha, Dubai, Italy, Germany, USA, and the Philippines, Chef Luca’s philosophy of cooking balances tradition and innovation, respecting the territory and ingredients while applying modern cooking techniques to add value to each dish. His love and passion for preparing food is rooted in what he observed from his grandmother growing up, which only deepened as he traveled the world and embraced various cultures.

“At Cucina, our food creations will start by sourcing the best quality ingredients in the local market, which we will enhance through new techniques and creativity.”

Experience Chef Luca Angioletti’s creations at Cucina on the 24th floor of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila.

Header image courtesy of Burger Beast and Marco Polo Ortigas Manila