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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Pia Wurtzbach in Kitchen

It may have been years since she brought home the crown but Pia Wurtzbach is still a multifaceted queen that exudes beauty inside and out through her commitment to healthy living. Whether it be through her dedication to both physical and mental well-being, launching and managing a food business, her positive relationship with her family, and preparing to be a family woman, here are all the reasons why Pia is a true inspiration!

She’s a loving family woman and partner

Pia Wurtzbach with Jeremy Jauncey
Photo lifted from Pia Wurtzbach (@piawurtzbach) | Instagram

Pia just announced that she and her partner Jeremy Jauncey tied the knot recently, in a private wedding ceremony at Seychelles.

Pia has always been a loving family woman, especially to her niece Lara and nephew Logan, and their bonding has always been prominent in her social media. But this new beginning with Jeremy is the start of an exciting new chapter for her – and given their fun dynamic as a couple over the years, we can’t wait to see Pia bloom even more as a wife.

She’s a true fitness enthusiast

Pia Wurtzbach in the gym
Image from Pia Wurtzbach (@piawurtzbach) | Instagram

As a former beauty queen keeping busy with her lineup of projects, Pia stays in shape by committing to remain active. A quick exercise or walk is a simple form of self-love.

“Whether it’s a 5-minute morning exercise or a 30-minute run to end the day, as long as you’re moving, something sustainable and you can commit to, that’s already step one to starting a healthy lifestyle,” Pia said. 

Aside from modeling, acting, and hosting, Pia is conquering new pursuits as she aspires to become an athlete. 

“When I joined the New York City Marathon late last year, it took a lot of discipline and training. I had to take care of my form, do drills, pace, and build my strength,” Pia said. 

“I started running because I wanted a new challenge, a new discipline — to be healthier and to step out of my comfort zone, to see how far I can go. I knew it would take time and dedication to achieve it but I wanted to stick to that promise no matter where life or work pulled me,” she added. 

She’s a talented entrepreneur

Pia cooking Century Tuna Pesto Pasta
Pia cooking Century Tuna Pesto Pasta. Photo from Century Tuna

Aside from being a host and a model, did you know that Pia also has her own business? 

She’s combined her love for food and travel by opening Pia’s World Kitchen, which dishes up food from different corners of the globe.

As a health advocate, Pia is always on the lookout for recipes and food items that will allow her to eat healthy even with her busy schedule  – she’s back with Century Tuna as their Brand Ambassador as this healthy protein is a perfect match with her lifestyle.

“I am very happy to be back! Century Tuna has been at the forefront in championing healthy eating and lifestyle to many Filipinos, and I’m thrilled to share this mission with more,” Pia said. 

She enthused that she loves Century not only for its iconic taste but for how versatile it is. “Ang sarap ng Century Tuna! It’s so iconic that even the taste is already distinct sa ating mga Pinoy.”

On an Instagram post, Pia wrote, “Alam ko the struggle is real to stay fit…but eating healthy doesn’t have to be very hard. Especially if we make the right choice, the easy choice – with Century Tuna.” 

She’s an advocate for mental health

Pia Wurtzbach on the beach
Photo lifted from The Queens ✨ (@_thequeensph) | Instagram

Aside from achieving and maintaining a fit body, mental wellness is a must for Pia. Through the online community The Queens, Pia alongside former beauty queens Bianca Guidotti-Santos, and Carla Lizardo, tackle topics and welcome personal stories audiences related to being a woman such as self-love, body image, and love. 

“I have our The Queens community where I get my daily affirmations to help myself rebuild my relationship with my body, because the reality is that our bodies are constantly changing, and it will never remain exactly the same – and I completely accept that so I can love myself better,” Pia said.

For Pia, it’s all about finding the right balance of wholesome activities for your body and mind – so you can be the queen or king of your life!