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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Dimples Romana
Image: Instagram/@dimplesromana

Actress Dimples Romana wasn’t done with honoring moms on Mother’s Day as she shared her thoughts on motherhood a day after its celebration.

“Hope all the moms got treated with the best love yesterday,” she said in the caption of her Instagram post, which said, “Motherhood is about raising and celebrating the child you have, not the child you thought you have. It’s understanding that he is exactly the person he’s supposed to be. And, if you’re lucky, he might be the teacher who turns you into the person you’re supposed to be,” quoting The Water Giver.

“Sharing with you one of my most favorite quotes I have seen on motherhood. As parents, we try to raise our children best we could but sometimes, we unknowingly project our fears, unfulfilled dreams on our kids. What’s scary is we try to make them into people they are not. We lose them in the process because we focus on who we want them to be. How we want them to be like. And not who they truly are,” she said.

As a mom of three, Romana shared that  she personally enjoyed “from 19 years of motherhood with Capt @callieahmee #AlonzoRomeoJose and #ElioJuanManolo is really getting to know them, yes even while they’re so tiny, especially when they’re so little.”

“Our kids are born with unique, special gifts and characteristics that are different from others. And just because their gifts may seem unfamiliar or new to us doesn’t mean it is wrong or lacking or inadequate. It just means, we have to learn as parents to dig deeper, listen better and understand what we can do to help support, nurture and love them best we can,” she said.

Romana revealed that her daughter  Callie was “an introvert, always reserved and shy.”

“She still is. And that makes me and @papaboyetonline happy. Because she didn’t have to alter who she was to fit or conform in any societal boxes to soar high and achieve her dreams,” she said.

“I say, we try our best to stop, pause, learn and keep unlearning til we get it right not for others’ approval, but for our kids’. After all, we have been assigned each child for very specific reasons. We know best at loving and caring for them,” she added.


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She’s praying that all parents allow themselves to get to know their kids on a much deeper level so their kids in turn can become more empowered to become their true selves without worrying if their parents will love them just the same.

“The home is a safe space, it is where we must not pass any judgments- it’s a place where we can ask, be accepted, make mistakes, fall, fail, win, learn- NO JUDGEMENTs, JUST LOVE. Healing. Forgiveness. Patience & Compassion,” she stressed.

“Good morning from this momma who keeps fighting self-doubt,” she added.  /ra


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