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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Connie Sison
Image: Instagram/@connie_sison

Broadcaster and host Connie Sison has suffered from neck spasm, and she deems it wise to speak about it to be able to help those who are also suffering from it.

“Pinulikat na ba kayo sa leeg? Parang ayaw akong lubayan ng sakit. Nakakatawang isipin pero totoo. Since late last year to mid this year. Lord, quota na po ako,” she said in her Instagram post on June 6. (Did you experience neck spasm? It’s like the pain won’t stop. Funny, but it’s true. [I’ve suffered from this] since late last year to mid this year. Lord, I already reached the quota).

But Sison is grateful that she has managed to endure the pain through much prayer. Of course, it helped that her show, “Pinoy MD” also tackled it in one episode.

“Share ko na rin what you need to know about neck spasm para makatulong sa dagdag kaalaman ng lahat (to help add to your information),” she said.

“Neck spasms happen when the muscles in your neck suddenly tighten without your control,” she said. “Imagine yung sakit ng pulikat sa binti?  Yun. Ilipat niyo sa leeg.” (Imagine the pain of spasm in your leg? That’s it. Just transfer it to the neck.)

Muscle spasms, including the ones in your neck, are painful and unpredictable, Sison further said.

“Neck spasms often accompany other symptoms like neck pain and stiffness. The contracting muscles may make moving your neck, head and shoulders difficult,” she explained.

“Symptoms can last from several minutes to several weeks. Sometimes the pain continues even after the spasms stop,” she said, rattling off treatments including “cold compress, therapy or light stretches.”

Connie said that it can at least be suppressed if “one gets active, address the stress, sleep with your head and body in alignment and take over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications.”


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At one time she shared that she suffered from neck spasms because “I overexerted my neck muscles this morning when I was doing my morning stretches. But it can also happen to anyone. Spending long hours in front of electronic screens, including computers, cellphones and tablets, which sadly, has become a common way of life for many children and adults.”

“This lifestyle increases the odds of neck strain, pain, stiffness and spasms. Even if you’re regularly active, you can develop spasms if you overexert your neck muscles,” she noted.

“Your lifestyle and the mechanics of your neck, or cervical spine, may increase your chances of developing neck spasms,” she added.

She wished that no one would experience it as it is very painful.  /ra


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