More ways to express your 'Real Love': Listen and learn from the podcast

OCTOBER 27, 2022

We’re familiar with the five love languages and how we all express our love through any of these languages. May it be words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts, or acts of service, we show our love differently to our family, significant others, and friends. Then there’s another way to show it, where we do everything we can to make sure that their future—hopes and dreams in particular—are protected from life’s many risks.

In the latest episode of Wil Dasovich’s SUPERHUMAN podcast, he takes inspiration from the love languages and the latest AIA Philippines campaign about expressing love in a more meaningful way by making sure that loved ones are protected from life’s uncertainties. As part of the AIA Family, Wil shared in the podcast how the definition of love for him changed over the years and the ways he usually shared his love with his loved ones with his guests Gary Valenciano and customers from the life insurer.

Ways to Express Real Love

In the podcast, Gary and Wil discussed their own love languages. Gary happily shared that receiving words of affirmation from his wife Angeli, especially after a performance, was all he needs to hear. He also likes quality time, such as going out with his family. “There is a difference between quality and quantity of time. If you don’t give them quality time, then it is just a waste of time,” he shares. During the pandemic, he looked at the lockdowns with the silver lining of being able to spend more time with his family. He talked about taking memorable road trips with the family, as part of their bonding activities.

real love

Those road trips may have to take a break as his children pursue their own career paths. Gary was there for an emotional send-off for his daughter at the airport before she headed to the US, and he also made sure to fly to the US with his wife Angeli to help their son get settled when he moved there for good. He is a proud dad watching as his children spread their wings and build their own lives, including Paolo who now has a son and daughter with his wife.

Gary shared that he enjoys engaging with his fans, sometimes even taking time to reply to comments on social media. “It is the inspiration to change lives through the messages that come from the heart that keeps me going one step further.”  

The artist also talks about the power of music. “It is the only medium of communication where you have a span of three or three and a half minutes to share your message. It is an act of service that I am thankful for, that I can touch someone’s life. One of my love languages is words of affirmation, and anytime you say something to someone, you are not just reaching out but also reaching in. When I am onstage or offstage, I share words of hope, and give my audience something deeper than entertainment.”

Wil and Gary, being part of the AIA family, shared their thoughts on how the company has, in its own way, expressed its care for its people, extending even to partners like them.

Will personally shared his deep connection with AIA Philippines as it’s the brand that he first felt loved. He looked back to a few years ago when he was diagnosed with cancer and how the company stayed with him throughout his battle and even until now that he has recovered. “It has this feeling that not all corporations or big businesses are just about money. There’s a heart in this brand, and that stuck with me,” he said.

A Secure Future

Gary also spoke with Wil about the importance of keeping the future of his loved ones protected. “Anything we can do to move our children towards a more secure future will bring them peace and protection as the days go by. Showing our love to our family used to be more focused on showering them with gifts, saying I love you, doing things for them and spending time with them. Over the past two years, more Filipinos realized that love and responsibility for your family means making sure that they are protected from life’s many risks.”

Today, love and responsibility for our loved ones take a deeper meaning, that of ensuring the continuity of lives and fulfilment of dreams no matter what, Gary adds. For this, AIA Philippines is the partner that Filipinos can count on to help them express it best, with its strength and stability grounded on its more than 75 years of financial strength and global capability.

Gary says that Filipinos can experience a lot of stressful moments, from both natural and human-made disasters. “With the younger population of the country, many are realizing that they are not going to be young forever and they can have a lot of questions about their future. AIA Philippines is there to address those questions. Having a plan can also help them look out for their loved ones. I believe when we start thinking of the future, we can make the right decisions.” 

For Gary, love means sharing words of affirmation. This is why he was happy to partner with AIA Philippines on its latest campaign, where noted songwriter Jonathan Manalo composed a song in collaboration with him and Chito Miranda, together with music arranger Mon Faustino, to honor those who show their love by taking care of their family’s future. “Like the families we wrote about in the song titled Real Love, they made the choice to do something today so that they can secure their loved one’s tomorrows.”

For the official launch of their song collaboration “It’s Real Love”, the duo gave a surprise performance to an audience that included the subjects of the song’s true-to-life lyrics. “It was based on the stories of actual people, and their names are also in the song. It was nice to see the surprise in their eyes when they realized we were singing about them. The song is about real love, with people who are not thinking just about themselves but also the future of their families.” 

One of the stories included in the song was about Tin Manalaysay’s deep bond with her mother, who raised her and her sister as a single parent. “My mom made a lot of sacrifices for me and my sister, and I wanted to pay it back when I was grown up. Now that she is retired, it is my turn to take care of her, through an insurance plan with AIA Philippines. Insurance for me is a manifestation of love and a small thing for a selfless woman who has done so much for me.”

Another story of real love is that of Arnold Damian, who proposed to his girlfriend last year. As someone who suffered from a mini-stroke in his earlier years, he knows the importance of securing the future of his family. “If something happens to me as the breadwinner, I want them to have a future that won’t crumble. I want them to be financially free,” he explains. 

AIA Philippines offers Filipinos the opportunity to express their love to those who matter most to them by protecting their future so they can live healthier, longer, better lives. Love is better expressed by an AIA policy because by being insured, they have peace of mind that whatever happens to them, their loved ones’ dreams can still come true.

Catch the SUPERHUMAN podcast with Gary Valenciano through here. To watch the music video of It’s Real Love, click here. For more information on how you can plan the right insurance protection for your loved ones, visit


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