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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Hot summer days are not yet over, so if you find yourself suddenly craving for an ice cream or ‘halo-halo’, you deserve that. Or if during your afternoon break, you are sitting relaxed and ready to enjoy your caffeine fix, go ahead and have a cup. But what do you do if after a spoonful of these ice-cold treats, or after the first sip of that steaming hot coffee, you experience a sudden jolt of pain or ‘pangingilo’ on your teeth?  You put down these treats and realize you just don’t want to have anything hot or cold anymore.

Eating and drinking is an essential part of our daily life. It is synonymous with happiness and pleasure, as whatever time of the day, we all love to indulge in our favorite food.  There’s the hot instant mami during breakfast, soups to go with our ‘baon’ for lunch or dinner, cold juice and crackers for snacks, and chips and soft drinks while watching our favorite TV show before bedtime.  Unfortunately, some Filipinos cannot enjoy even the simplest moments like these because of the ‘ngilo’ they feel with each gulp or bite. And the sad truth is, most of them do not address it.  

The unwanted discomfort in the teeth is a response to basic triggers such as hot or cold food temperatures, and sometimes those dishes that are sweet and citrusy. Tooth sensitivity or ‘pangingilo’ occurs when the enamel, the tooth’s protective layer, wears away. Over brushing your teeth (especially when your toothbrush has hard bristles), gum disease, and smoking are the common causes of sensitivity.  

Apart from tooth decay, teeth discoloration, and periodontal disease, ‘pangingilo’ is one of the most common dental health issues in the Philippines. The truth remains that many, in fact 8 out of 10 Filipinos suffer from pangingilo , but because oral healthcare is almost always a non-priority to some people, they do not see the critical need to address it; they just typically grin and bear it and live with the discomfort because they do not have any idea about ‘pangingilo’, are ill-informed about what causes it, and what solutions can be done to help ease the symptom.  

Having sensitive teeth is uncomfortable.  Ignoring it could worsen the situation and could possibly lead to more serious and expensive dental treatment.  The good news is, you can take control of tooth sensitivity and curb its recurrent flare ups.  There are several ways you can manage and minimize that ‘ngilo’ feeling through basic strategies that could make you savor any food you love. 

Drink from a straw if you’re having cold water or juice, and instead of biting into that refreshing ‘sorbetes’, lick it instead to avoid direct contact with your sensitive teeth.   Instead of digging into that hot macaroni soup or your cup of tea, let it sit for a few minutes until it reaches room temperature so you could slowly savor it without ‘ngilo’.  Avoid an acidic diet as it could contribute to enamel erosion, such as soft drinks. 

Avoiding food triggers is only one solution, but if you cannot stay away from your favorite food, switch to Sensodyne, a specialized and gentler toothpaste made especially for “ngilo sufferers”.  Sensodyne has been scientifically developed to help protect your teeth from pangingilo.  It contains ingredients that are not commonly found in a regular toothpaste. Sensodyne is specially formulated with Potassium Nitrate, NovaMin technology and Stannous fluoride.  Brushing twice daily using Sensodyne can help shield and protect the teeth for 24/7, while its fluoride helps strengthens teeth and safeguards it from tooth decay, cavities, and bad breath.

Ultimately, oral health care should always be everyone’s top of mind, and brushing twice daily using a specialized toothpaste for pangingilo like Sensodyne can help protect your pearly whites against sensitivity. Dahil kapag #SensitiveKa, Mag-Sensodyne! So you could enjoy life and savor the dishes you love without the ouch.   

Sensodyne is available on Shopee, Lazada, and in leading supermarkets, drugstores, and retail outlets nationwide. 

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