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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Isabelle Daza and Dr. Shefali
Isabelle Daza and Dr. Shefali Tsabury. Image: Instagram/@isabelledaza, @doctorshefali

In a very rare chance, celebrity mom Isabelle Daza got to interview renowned child psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Shefali Tsabury.

Daza shared her online interview with Dr. Shefali through her Instagram post Monday, Aug. 7, in which they talked about the latter’s latest book, ‘The Parenting Map.”

“Interviewing @doctorshefali about her book: the Parenting Map, as she explains what a conscious parent is and answers all my parenting questions! (Full video on YT soon),” Daza said in her caption.

Daza then introduced her guest: “My guest today is Dr. Shefali. She’s been endorsed by Ophra of course, for her revolutionary idea on conscious parenting. She is a clinical psychologist, speaker and author.”

“This is the book that I had. Sorry, I’m gonna show it. A little bit better there,” she continued while showing off the book “The Parenting Map.”


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The interview with Dr. Shefali started with how she became an author.

Dr. Shefali then delved into how she became a mother and was “part of the problem.”

“I saw myself acting like a lunatic. And when I saw my own crazy, I realized I need to dig deeper, but no one was really talking about conscious parenting back then,” she said.

“And so, I had to almost pioneer this movement to become a better parent myself,” she added.

Daza asked Dr. Shefali what conscious parenting is and what sets it apart from traditional parenting, to which the latter explained, “Traditional parenting is how you and I were probably raised, where we were told how to be, how to be the perfect child. We were treated as children to be seen, not heard. We were made to comply, to follow, to be obedient. A lot of fear, a lot of shame, a lot of punishment, a lot of yelling, like traditional hierarchy and conscious parenting goes against that.  It really asks the parent to raise themselves, to look at their own crap. Uh, and then when the, when the parents heal themselves, they can then be better parents for their children.”

Dr. Shefali is also known for her landmark books “The Conscious Parent” and “The Awakened Family.”

Isabelle and her husband Adrien Semblat have two sons, Baltie and Valentin, and a baby girl whom Isabelle gave birth to in Hong Kong.  /ra


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