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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Kim “V” Taehyung
Kim “V” Taehyung photographed by HONGJANGHYUN STUDIO for ELLE KOREA with CELINE

Kim “V” Taehyung impresses in solo debut



Like infinity stones falling into place, we finally have all BTS debuts. Kim “V” Taehyung is the latest from the world’s biggest boy group to release his solo project, coming right after the massive hit in Jung Kook’s “Seven.” “Love Me Again” is slow, stripped-down, intimate, and plays into his strengths as a vocalist. It is also part of his upcoming album “Layover,” which is set to be released on September 8 next month.

In this edition of the Listening Party, we take a look at this peek into what is yet to come from V.

Lyrically. “Love Me Again” talks about someone that is unable to move on from a previous relationship that ended abruptly. V is left yearning and in shock that a valuable bond created was summed up by a single word left by his beloved.

You left me / Took those memories with you / But even now, I can’t let you go, let you go / Is that all you have to say? / One word, that’s it? / If ever you regret this / Won’t you let me know? Let me know?

He also wonders if his lingering feelings are one-sided—if he is holding onto someone that has already completely moved on. He asks for another chance, to pull back the hands of time, and on that second try, be true to himself and fight for what they had.

Am I thе only one like this? / Are you okay if I’m with somеone else? / Let’s take it way back, slowly / Make it feel better, yeah, make it forever / Don’t say it’s okay / Said I’m alright, said I’ll be fine / I’m sorry, they’re all lies / Please don’t leave / Please don’t go, so far away

Kim “V” Taehyung of BTS in the MV for “Love Me Again”
Kim “V” Taehyung of BTS in the MV for “Love Me Again”

Musically. “Love Me Again” is an easy listen. Time passes by each time I play the track, and I find myself lost in the music, unable to criticize and analyze on command. It is quite monotonous, but I don’t regard it as a slight to the release. Its stripped-down and intimate nature is part of its charm and it seems to be the sound V is going for.

A muffled guitar serves as the base, the canvas the rest of the song is built upon. It plays subtly throughout the entire runtime, acting as the perfect backdrop for V’s soulful vocals. The track is stagnant, perhaps a thematic decision, harking back to the feeling of monotony the lyrics speak of. There are minimal additions to the main guitar, with the only one of significance being the synth that is introduced in the bridge which adds growing tension and energy as the track reaches its peak.

Sidenote: Throughout each listen, I’ve always had the inkling that it felt and sounded very similar to another song. After some time pondering on the matter, I realized that the guitar was reminiscent of Zack Tabuldo and Al James’ “Gusto.” Have a listen and see what I mean. 

Kim “V” Taehyung of BTS in the MV for “Love Me Again”
Kim “V” Taehyung of BTS in the MV for “Love Me Again”

V’s vocals take center stage. He has a distinct, soulful, and raspy sound that is perfect for what he has showcased thus far. His tone stands out even amongst his fellow members in BTS. However, having had to share the stage with equally talented artists for more than a decade now, their tracks have not always accommodated his unique voice. 

BTS previously shared that their songs are quite high in pitch because of their producer Pdogg. It’s clear that it’s been effective so far given their success, but, there’s no denying that other members such as Jung Kook and Jimin have greatly benefited from that creative decision given their naturally high-pitched voices. Meanwhile, V, whose tone is on the lower end of the spectrum, did with what was provided. 

Don’t get me wrong, he excelled, but I can count the times when I felt that his vocals were strained and unfit for what they released—think “Permission To Dance” or “Dynamite.” However, thinking about his solo tracks where he managed to show off his unique sound; “Singularity” and “Stigma,” slower and stripped-down songs truly fit him best. And that is proven even more so with “Love Me Again,” in a track where V can shine solely on his own, without having to compromise with anything and anyone

It’s the beauty of solo releases. We’re afforded the opportunity to see our beloved artists in a light that we wouldn’t have otherwise seen had they stuck performing and creating together. And with how much each of them has grown by themselves, imagine BTS coming together in 2025, carrying in hand their newfound skills and learnings. ARMY, you’re in for a ride. 


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