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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Dishes, drinks, and dancing_ Hard Rock Café pumps up the volume with more reasons to rock harder

There are new thrilling reasons to revisit Hard Rock Cafe in Glorietta 3 and Conrad S’Maison. The restaurant just unveiled its new bar bites, entrées, cocktails, and more, plus exciting memorabilia… and did we mention that the electrifying live entertainment is so back featuring some of the country’s top bands? Yes, now you could really party like a rock star!


Dine and drink

Every day (or night!) is the perfect time to immerse yourself in Hard Rock Café’s mouth-watering menu dashed with live music. “People know Hard Rock as a place of entertainment with food, but it’s the other way around actually. Hard Rock is a restaurant with good food and live entertainment,” Director for Operations Brian Peck said.

As proof, Hard Rock Café has always been known for its world-famous Original Legendary Burger®, hand-crafted cocktails, starters and shareables, sandwiches, salads to whet your appetites, specialty entrees, desserts, beverages, mocktails, and cocktails. Alongside the classic favorites, Hard Rock recently unveiled its line of new Bar Bites plus a delicious salad that will surely keep your appetites pumpin’ and groovin’!

Start unwinding with something that kids of all ages love, the Chicken Lollipops, which comes served with sweet chili sauce made from scratch. Anything fried becomes a culinary delight, especially when paired with your favorite drink. The crunchy texture of the restaurant’s Crispy Crablets, Crispy Dumplings, and Asian Spring Rolls (with your choice of chicken or fish filling) is something you’ll love to pop in your mouth, making them the bar chows to beat. And for those who love their meats with veggies, check out the scrumptious Steak Salad—a nicely combined Romaine and Lollo Rossa greens, shoestring onions, tomatoes, bell pepper, bleu cheese, vinaigrette, cilantro pesto, and the star of the dish, steak. How’s that for starters?

Bite into Hard Rock Cafe’s Legendary Burgers: The Surf & Turf Burger for meat lovers (signature steak burger topped with One Night in Bangkok Spicy Shrimp on a bed of spicy slaw), Spicy Diablo Burger, and the Southern Fish Fillet for those partial to fish (beer-battered Dory, American cheese, cucumber, mayonnaise, tartar relish, lemon wedge, potato chips in a moist bun). While you’re at it, you might want to experience the taste of victory with Hard Rock Café’s Messi Burger, a double stack of the finest beef, with provolone cheese, sliced chorizo, caramelized onion, with the restaurant’s signature spicy, smoky sauce served on a toasted brioche bun with shredded romaine lettuce and vine-ripened tomato. And please, don’t pass on the humongous Messi Chicken sandwich. Score these delicious culinary delights as they were crafted by global soccer legend Lionel Messi himself.

Classic Hard Rock dish_ Messi Burger 1

If you prefer something light and love pineapple on your pizza, the Aloha Sunshine Flatbread will give you a flavorsome tropical feel. Enter the new Asian-inspired entrees! Tom Yum, a Thai hot and sour soup with mussels, clams, shrimps, tomatoes, chili, cilantro, and lemon grass, is a perfect warm-me-up soulful soup, especially during nippy weather. Have fun savoring the Beef Hofan with its sliced beef, hofan noodles, garlic, ginger, onions, bok choy, bean sprouts, chili flakes, topped with a perfect runny egg. And for Rockin’ Rice Meals, Hard Rock café has Korean Spicy Wings (Chicken wings in Korean sauce served with kimchi rice). Then, you might want to chill with Mix Mix, the restaurant’s cool take on the classic Halo-halo. Other noteworthy dishes include the ubiquitous Sizzling Sisig, Truffle Mushroom Pasta, and my personal favorites, the classic Caesar Salad, and Manhattan Fish & Fries.

Alongside these dishes are the sassy and classy handcrafted new cocktails. Sip into Hard Rock Café’s Blood Orange (Jim Beam, blood orange Monin, sweet & sour mix); Lavender Haze (gin, lavender Monin, soda water, sweet & sour mix), and the Hibiscus Blackberry Spritz (vodka, blackberry Monin, hibiscus Monin, hibiscus tea, lemon lime soda). Then binge-drink with the fascinating fruity flavors of Piña Colada (rum, pineapple juice, piña colada mix); Appletini (vodka, apple Monin, sweet & sour mix), Peach Basil Mule (vodka, peach Monin, lime juice, ginger beer, peaches, basil); and Apple Ginger Mojito (white rum, fresh ginger, green apple Monin, soda water, mint, lime). All these boozes are perfect with the restaurant’s Bar Bites.

Live entertainment, hot new merchandise

Immerse yourself in the world of Hard Rock Cafe with these new dishes and drinks as well as live entertainment to spice up your night out in the town. Featured bands are Innervoices for the 80s and 90s rock lovers out there and Bluegrass for that rock and new wave feels. They are sure to keep the crowd on its feet with some turn-up joyful madness with the sickest beats so you can dance and rock the night away.

“We also have bands scheduled to play classic rock, disco, and even millennial music such as K-Pop!” Peck revealed. Don’t forget to check out Hard Rock Cafe’s new merchandise. Get hip and show your funky flower power vibe with the new Tie Dye collection, and the Pop of Color collection to complete your already vibrant wardrobe. And hello, Swifties! “We also requested for some Taylor Swift memorabilia and hopefully we could have it. Very soon, we also want to have more stand-alone rock shops for our merchandise, and more hard Rock café branches in the metro and even outside Metro Manila,” Peck concluded.

Hard Rock Café serves up a combination of delicious dishes, drinks, and merchandise, plus loud and live entertainment…cranked up even more, so you could get wild and rockin’ with this epic mix!

To keep updated on the latest happenings and band schedule, check out @hardrockcafemanila and @hardrockcafemakati on Facebook & Instagram.



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