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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Written by: Annelle Tayao-Juego

In the heart of Iloilo City, a remarkable transformation has taken place in the realm of retail and lifestyle malling. Festive Walk Iloilo, Megaworld’s first commercial development in Western Visayas, has redefined the malling landscape for Ilonggos through its excellent retail mix, diverse global and local dining selections, and an array of unique experiences.


Megaworld Festive Walk Iloilo
Festive Walk Iloilo was hailed as the Mall of the Year for 2023 at the recent Retail Asia Awards.

The retail mix at Festive Walk Iloilo ensures that shoppers can find exactly what they’re looking for, all under one roof. The mall has successfully combined international brands such as Uniqlo, @Tokyo, Power Mac Center, Speedo, and Garmin; alongside popular Filipino brands Bench, Pickup Coffee, and Sunnies Studios, among others. This has created a dynamic shopping environment that appeals to a broad spectrum of consumers.


The mall isn’t just a shopping paradise—it’s a culinary paradise as well. Festive Walk Iloilo has revolutionized the dining scene in the city by offering an unparalleled array of global and local dining selections. From elegant dining restaurants to cozy cafes and vibrant outdoor street food options, the dining scene caters to every palate and budget. Additionally, the inclusion of homegrown Ilonggo restaurant concepts promotes a sense of cultural pride and diversity, showcasing Ilonggo culinary traditions to the world.

Megaworld Festive Walk Iloilo
Known as the “Most Beautiful Mall in Iloilo”, the mall property continuously enhances its retail
and dining mix.

Festive Walk Iloilo is a proud home to local food destinations Panabor, Ya-Mi Bistro, Buto’t Balat, and Bigby’s; and cafe and brunch places Bread Basket and Prince Baker.


At night, the mall comes alive with decorative lighting that enhances the lush greenery and
generous alfresco spaces.

Festive Walk Iloilo also carved out an exciting and vibrant nightlife scene that adds a modern touch to its traditional charm. Even after the sun sets the place continues to buzz with life with an array of nightlife spots that can suit every occasion, whether it’s a laid-back evening with friends, a romantic date night, or a celebration of life’s milestones. Some community-frequented places include Drink SLS, ERA Disco & Party Place, Bottle Ground, Lorenzo’s Resto Bar, Mamusa, Bistro Carcosa, and more.


What truly sets Festive Walk Iloilo apart is its dedication to providing unique and memorable experiences beyond traditional shopping and dining. The mall is designed to be more than just a commercial space; it’s a community hub that hosts a plethora of events, art exhibitions, live performances, and interactive installations.

One of Festive Walk Iloilo’s most notable creative innovations is the vibrant K-Town—a unique merging of cultures that offers exciting opportunities to bring to both Ilonggos and Koreans in the community Korean restaurants, K-pop events, and other cultural activities they enjoy.

Megaworld Festive Walk Iloilo
K-Town at Festive Walk Iloilo is the community’s favorite spot for enjoying Korean-inspired restaurants, shops, concerts, and other activities.

For art aficionados, the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art is the perfect stop to see the Visayas region’s celebration of its modern and contemporary artworks. ILOMOCA aims to enrich the community life of the Iloilo province by way of exhibitions and outreach programs.

Every January, Festive Walk Iloilo hosts Dinagyang Festival celebrations, an annual gathering that draws in a multitude of local and international spectators, establishing itself as one of Iloilo’s most prominent tourist destinations. Visitors get to partake in a diverse range of public events, including religious processions, vibrant parades, and spirited competitions featuring Ati tribal dances.


At the recently concluded Retail Asia Awards 2023, Festive Walk Iloilo scored a massive win for Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, bringing home the “Mall of the Year” award. Megaworld’s Lifestyle Mall Down South earned the citation through reinventing itself to become the center of arts, culture, and community gatherings.

Festive Walk Iloilo has transformed into a place where families gather, friends meet, and individuals immerse themselves in creativity and inspiration. This multifaceted approach to malling fosters a deeper connection between the property and its respective community.


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