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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The Melissa Slide + Marc Jacobs
The Melissa Slide + Marc Jacobs

In the ongoing battle for sustainability and environmental preservation, Melissa implores us to revisit the way we look at plastic



The recent global effort towards sustainability and environmental preservation has led to somewhat of an aversion of plastic. The compound, albeit versatile and used at a massive scale, is capable of polluting and degrading natural habitats and entire ecosystems. Nevertheless, much of the damage caused to our environment is primarily due to the millions of tons of single-use plastics that have been dumped into our oceans and landfills. In this regard, the injustice here is how bottles and bags that we use momentarily, can end up dealing long-term and potentially irreversible damage. The enemy isn’t plastic in its entirety, rather, what must be changed is how we use it

Global footwear brand Melissa stands alongside millions in their fight towards sustainability—however, through the wise and judicious use of plastic: 

“We support the global fight against the uncontrolled use of plastic, particularly single-use plastics that we use once and then throw away, like plastic straws, bags and bottles. The world cannot recycle all this material which ends up becoming pollution.”

“At Melissa, we do our duty to change this scenario. Melissa’s plastic can be used continually; a long-lasting plastic that is also used in domestic utensils, computers, toys and medicine, among others.”

Melissa continues this endeavor in their latest limited edition sustainable footwear collection with fashion giant Marc Jacobs.

The Melissa + Marc Jacobs

The Melissa and Marc Jacobs collection features three designs—the Clog, the “Becky” platform sandal, and the Slide. It is influenced by the color scheme of Marc Jacobs’ ready-to-wear collection, and each pair showcases the signature Marc Jacobs monogram print throughout.

Melissa Clog + Marc Jacobs Silver (P13,995)
Melissa Clog + Marc Jacobs Silver (P13,995)

The Melissa Clog + Marc Jacobs is crafted using a mono-material made of Biobased EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)—a compound partially derived from sugarcane and has at least 25% vegetable content to guarantee extreme lightness and comfort. Colors include beige, black, blue, and silver.

Melissa Becky + Marc Jacobs Red (P11,995)
Melissa Becky + Marc Jacobs Red (P11,995)

The Melissa Becky + Marc Jacobs is made with Melflex, Melissa’s 100% recyclable plastic. The sole’s interior is filled with ultralight PU (Polyurethane) and the insole is covered with fabric made from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles. The footwear comes in beige, black, red, and silver.

Melissa Slide + Marc Jacobs Blue (P8,295)
Melissa Slide + Marc Jacobs Blue (P8,295)

The Melissa Slide + Marc Jacobs was developed using Melflex and features a sole made of 100% Biobased EVA, resulting in an ultra-comfortable shoe. Available in beige, black, blue, and red colors.

Reimagining plastic

What is EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)? EVA a copolymer that is known for its flexibility, thermal resistance, and strength, and is primarily used for footwear, automobile parts, and sports equipment among others. Unfortunately, while it is not commonly recycled given its inherent durability, it is produced from fossil raw materials such as oil or natural gas.

The Melissa x Marc Jacobs collection has Biobased EVA in each shoe’s composition, either totally or partially. This lower-impact material is partially derived from sugarcane with at least 25% of vegetable origin content certified by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Meaning, by eliminating the use of fossil materials, the already noteworthy copolymer can now be recycled and reused. Not to mention, this alternative massively reduces the greenhouse gasses emitted during its production. Moreover, the silver-colored models use water-based ink, which does not contain volatile organic compounds that are known to be partly responsible for air pollution.

Shop the Melissa x Marc Jacobs limited edition capsule collection online at www.melissaphilippines.com, or exclusively in Clube Melissa SM Aura, Shangri-la Mall, and Uptown BGC. For updates and more information, follow @MelissaPhilippines on Instagram and Facebook.

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