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OCTOBER 27, 2022

TXT and Anitta in the “Back for More” Official MV
Still from the TXT, Anitta “Back for More” Official MV

TXT and Anitta have us all coming back for more



Collaboration of the year? South Korean boy group TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) and Brazillian superstar Anitta come together for “Back for More.” The brand-new track comes after the quintet’s highly successful EP “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION” which featured the song “Sugar Rush Ride.” 

“Back for More,” which we all are at this point, showcases a wonderful combination of the two artists’ vocals, backdropped by a catchy baseline and ear-piercing whistles, and flourished by elements of Latin Pop. The track officially debuted during their performance in the VMAs—talk about an entrance.

In this edition of the Listening Party, here are our thoughts on “Back for More” by TXT and Anitta.

Lyrically. “Back for More” talks about an existing magic, a tension lying apparent between two individuals. It is a force that can’t be denied, that even if the object of their desire chooses to leave, they will always come back for more. 

The track in itself is very straightforward with its lyricism and there isn’t much to it. However, it does avoid staleness in pretty much every other aspect.

All I know is if you walk away / There’ll be something / There’ll be things you can’t replace / All I know is if you walk away / There’ll be something

Musically. “Back for More” is simplicity perfected. As it is with the lyrics, what you see is what you get—the same applies to the instrumental; a simple yet groovy baseline and melody. 

Producers, writers, and composers Ryan Tedder, Slow Rabbit, and Tyler Spry create this magic—a blank canvas of a simple track that could’ve been left as it is, splashed with flourishes that fill in the gaps that elevate it into a whole other level.

This is best shown in Anitta’s verse. The song thus far has been your typical disco-pop track, with your usual baseline and guitar riffs similar to that of Nile Rodgers. However, after the first chorus, “Back for More” seemingly changes genre, its guitar bass (albeit using the same melody) now uses a sound you would hear on a Latin Pop track. Not to mention, Anitta’s Portuguese vocals is just the perfect switch-up.

I don’t wanna feel nobody / If it isn’t you, baby / Contigo me pongo naughty / Been thinking about you lately / Ita, ita / Loco como mueve el culo, Anitta / De todas yo soy la favorita / Tú estás pa’ mí y yo pa’ ti todita / Pa-pa-pam-pam, pam-pam-pam-pam / I know what you like, sing it like / Pa-pa-pam-pam, pam-pam-pam-pam / Esto va a empezar (Oh)

Anitta with TXT via Instagram @anitta
Anitta with TXT via Instagram @anitta

Other than that, Tedder, Slow Rabbit, and Spry masterfully use whistles that follow the vocal melody, adding variance and depth to a tune we hear quite often during the track’s runtime.

And don’t get me started on TXT’s vocals. It’s wonderful throughout, however, it shines best in the in-betweens for harmonies and adlibs. This is especially seen in the track’s instrumental breakdown where Yeonjun delivers Michael Jackson-esque breaths and adlibs. 

The latest in TXT’s line of all-English tracks, following the likes of Magic, Devil by the Window, and Do It Like That, “Back For More” proves that they have much more to show to the Western Market. As they prepare for their upcoming album, “The Name Chapter: FREEFALL,” we’ll all be surely coming back for more. 

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