Chie Filomeno gets bashed for being reed-thin, but she can't get bothered | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Chie Filomeno
Chie Filomeno. Image: Instagram/@chiefilomeno

Body-shaming knows no boundaries and actress Chie Filomeno learned this the hard way as she was bashed for her reed-thin body.

“I’m like those petite girls na sinasabihan na ‘kumain ka nga, kumakain ka ba?’” Filomeno revealed to us in an intimate interview with the support cast of “A Very Good Girl,” on Sunday, Sept. 24. (“I’m like those petite girls who are told, ‘Do eat. Do you ever eat?’)

But Filomeno refuses to be bothered by such comments as she believes she’s okay “as long as you know you’re healthy inside and out.”

She admitted she’s not all sweet and nice to her bashers, though, as “we all have bad days.”

“We get hurt. We’re just human. We get hurt, we cry and then we laugh,” she said.

And when she’s gotten at the wrong side of the bed, in a manner of speaking, she bravely answers back to her bashers.

“Sumasagot ako. Patatahimikin kita in a way na pa-pilosopo din sa mga haters, sa mga bashers. Matatapang lang sila sa likod ng kanilang mga keypads. I don’t want to give them that power na kaya nila akong ganonin,” she explained. (I answer back. I will shut you down in the same language that haters and bashers use. They’re just brave behind their keypads. I don’t want to give them the power to belittle me.)

Filomeno admits that she is most hurt when her parents are included in the bashing.

For her, other people’s opinion against her do not matter if she doesn’t know them personally. What matters to her is the opinion of those closest to her.  /ra

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