Boost your hair care routine with these tried and tested tips to bookmark for the rainy season

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Your hair deserves more attention during the rainy season!


Rain, rain, go away… how can we keep our hair healthy and beautiful even on a cold and drizzly day? Well, the answer is quite simple: A proper hair care routine that focuses on strengthening, nourishing, and addressing common rainy-day hair woes like hair fall and frizz. This means going beyond simply washing your hair with just shampoo, which might not be enough to provide the vitamins and nutrients your hair needs every day. 

During the rainy season, the air around us has high moisture and humidity levels that can dry and weaken our hair. Dirty rainwater can also expose your hair to more pollutants and even slight acidity, leading to further damage that affects your tresses’ vibrancy and overall health. To keep your hair in good condition amid the downpour, you need both a nourishing hair care routine and excellent hair care products—like a vitamin-boosting conditioner. Check out these simple hair care tips to get you started!

Protect your hair from rain

There are two major issues with rainwater that can lead to hair problems. First is its slight acidity, which can disrupt our hair and scalp’s natural pH balance. Second is the dirt, pollutants, and toxins it may collect as it falls to us, which can get trapped in your hair and make it dull and brittle. These issues can be avoided by always shielding your hair from the rain, whether by using an umbrella or hat when going outside. But if getting drenched is inevitable—or if the rain catches you by surprise, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner as soon as possible to boost it with vitamins and get rid of dirt and residues that may get trapped in your scalp and tresses.

Wash your hair regularly

If your hair is regularly (and inevitably) exposed to rainwater, keeping a proper cleansing routine is essential to prevent the buildup of germs, bacteria, and pollutants in your hair and scalp. 

Washing your hair regularly is also advisable during the rainy season because your hair is prone to getting oily, which can lead to excessive sebum production that can clog your pores and cause further hair damage. To remove any residue or excess sebum, always wash your hair with reliable shampoo and use conditioner.

Don’t skip the conditioner 

While washing your hair is essential during rainy days, too much may also strip your hair of essential natural oils that keep it healthy. Without these essential oils, your hair can experience vitamin deficiency and become “buhag-haggard”—aka dry, rough, frizzy, and prone to hair fall. Vitamin deficiency can happen when you only use shampoo in your hair care routine, so never skip the conditioner when you shower. 

For optimal hair care, opt for ones with a nourishing formula packed with vitamins like the new Cream Silk Vitamin Boost Conditioners. These hair care must-haves feature 10x more vitamins and argan oil that bring back lost nourishment and revitalize your hair from within, making it 10x straighter and 10x stronger. Now with 30% more fill for the same price per sachet, the Cream Silk Vitamin Boost Conditioners give more value for your money and are perfect for daily use. 

By being #BoostedForMore with vitamins and nutrients for your hair, Cream Silk’s latest offering helps make your hair more beautiful day by day. Depending on your hair care needs, you can choose between this conditioner’s two variants: the Cream Silk Vitamin Boost Standout Straight Conditioner and the Cream Silk Vitamin Boost Hair Fall Defense Conditioner.

The Cream Silk Vitamin Boost Standout Straight Conditioner smoothens your hair and tames its frizz, resulting in gorgeous tresses that are up to 10x straighter with regular use. Aside from giving you effortlessly smooth and shiny hair, this variant also makes your hair more manageable for styling. 

Meanwhile, the Cream Silk Vitamin Boost Hair Fall Defense Conditioner strengthens your hair from root to tip, minimizing hair breakage every day. It’s your best pick for fixing weak and brittle hair—so you can finally say hello to healthy hair once again.

With these Cream Silk Vitamin Boost conditioners being #BoostedForMore with 10x more vitamins, nourishing your hair would be oh-so-easy this rainy season. Try the NEW and improved Cream Silk Vitamin Boost conditioners now for healthier and more beautiful hair every day! BrandRoom/HM

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