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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Umami, Spice, and Everything Nice – Ramen Nagi Philippines 10th Year Anniversary’s third limited King Ramen revealed (1)

Ramen Nagi is introducing its third collaboration to celebrate its 10th anniversary: presenting the renowned Japanese ramen restaurant, Inosho, and its latest gastronomic creations, the Inosho Spicy Hot Fish Ramen and Inosho Tsukemen.

Ramen Nagi Philippines 10th Year Anniversary
(L – R): Head Chef Nakamura-san (Inosho owner), Chef Tsukamoto-san (Inosho staff), Ramen Master Satoshi Ikuta (Ramen Nagi Founder), Chef Yamamura-san (Inosho staff), Erickson Farillas (President of Ramen Nagi Philippines), Kobayashi-san (Ramen Nagi Japan Executive Chef), Chef Nishio-san (Ramen Nagi Vice President), and Sato-san (Ramen Nagi Japan chef

Series 3 featuring Inosho follows the successful 10th-anniversary collaborations with Ramen No. 11 and Antcicada. It’s time to hold on to your chopsticks and brace yourself for another exciting revelation as Ramen Nagi unveils the third exceptional Limited King Ramen that promises boldness, decadence, and craft in every bowl.

Meet Inosho and Nakamura-san

As a college student, Mr. Nakamura’s love affair with ramen began, sparking a dream to one day open his own ramen haven. After honing his skills at three renowned establishments, he realized his vision by establishing “Inosho.” Here, he introduced two signature dishes, “tsukemen” and “spicy hot fish ramen,” both of which quickly gained acclaim.

In a time when “spicy ramen” was synonymous with “miso ramen,” Mr. Nakamura boldly introduced his “spicy fish ramen,” featuring a robust seafood broth. He passionately promoted this unique creation and, in 2009, it made its debut as a cup ramen, becoming a nationwide sensation.

Today, Inosho proudly operates seven restaurants in Tokyo, each offering its distinct charm. “Konashaimen Inosho” features a rich broth made from aged pork bones and brims with vegetables. “INOSHOW” caters to diners of all ages, creating a family-friendly ambiance. And for those with a taste for Hakata Ramen from Kyushu, “Ekiton no Ten Inosho” pays homage to this cherished regional delight.”

Ramen Nagi Philippines 10th Year Anniversary
Inosho Spicy Hot Fish Ramen and Tsukemen

The Inosho Experience

Ramen Nagi has joined forces with Inosho, celebrated for its signature dishes renowned for their robust broths. First in line is their exceptional Tsukemen, a bowl brimming with a super soup concocted from a wide array of ingredients. From pork bones, backbones, pigs’ feet, and pork skin to chicken, Inosho elevates their broth to extraordinary heights. But here’s the twist – in their Tsukemen, it’s the sensational tsuke sauce (super soup) that takes center stage, while the noodles gracefully take a backseat, and the result is nothing short of spectacular.

Now, get ready for a fiery sensation with Inosho’s Spicy Hot Fish Ramen, aptly named ‘KARA-KARA-UO RAME.’ This dish is a thrilling combination of intense spiciness and delightful flavors taken to new heights. Inosho believes in delivering the ultimate thrill by infusing its ramen with an explosion of heat while maintaining its unbeatable taste. The ramen boasts a stunning ‘red mountain’ of spice at its heart, with medium-thick noodles that have a smooth texture and just the right amount of bounce to satisfy your palate. Indulge in the richness of the pork bone seafood soup, a defining feature of this spicy fish ramen.

Complete with substantial menma and succulent pork belly, all within a robust soup, this gastronomic adventure is a true must-try.

Be among the first to savor the exquisite third Limited King Ramen collaboration with Inosho, exclusively at Ramen Nagi Greenbelt. Inosho Spicy Hot Fish Ramen will be available to the public on November 10, followed by Inosho Tsukemen on November 11.

That’s not all! Everyone has a chance to savor these limited-time flavors as the third Limited King Ramen collaboration extends nationwide, starting with November 16 to November 30 for Inosho Spicy Hot Fish Ramen and continuing from December 1 to December 15 for Inosho Tsukemen.

The Grand Finale

That’s not all. As Ramen Nagi’s delightful gastronomic voyage continues in celebration of its 10th anniversary, there is one more extraordinary surprise reserved for all ramen fans. On December 13, 2023, marking precisely a decade since Ramen Nagi’s introduction in the Philippines, prepare for the unveiling of a final, show-stopping Limited King Ramen. This grand finale promises to be the perfect conclusion to Ramen Nagi Philippines’ 10th-anniversary festivities!

Ramen Nagi Philippines 10th Year Anniversary
Dominique Roque
Ramen Nagi Philippines 10th Year Anniversary
(L – R) JP Umali, Shie Chua, Kiara Yau, and Zoie Garcia


A Toast to Ramen Nagi Philippines’ 10th Anniversary

Reaching a milestone of a decade in any industry is a remarkable feat. For Ramen Nagi Philippines, this accomplishment reflects a steadfast dedication to innovation, a relentless pursuit of flavor frontiers, and the skillful fusion of diverse cultural influences. Throughout this journey, the brand has remained firmly anchored in its core principles of delivering comfort, exceptional value, and crafting unforgettable culinary moments.

Erickson Farillas, the visionary behind Ramen Nagi Philippines, aptly captures this journey by stating, “In the last 10 years, the iconic red Ramen Nagi bowl saw many unique ramen experiences, but always the same last scenario: an empty bowl and smiling faces. I believe we got here because we understand that ramen is not just food; it’s an experience, a work of art. It must celebrate tradition and also push boundaries. Do this, then you will go far.”

As we celebrate a decade of culinary excellence, the journey with Ramen Nagi continues, with the final chapter unfolding on the 10th anniversary on December 13. We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this delectable voyage.

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