A treat for the senses: Flavor, culture, and art come together in Breville Philippines event

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Breville Philippines Event
Breville Philippines Marketing Team with Guest Speaker Coffee Painting Artist Bisai

There’s something incredibly romantic about finding a deep interest in something. Whether it’s a hobby, a type of art, or even food, we can enrich our lives in many ways when we decide to  pursue a passion that feels close to our soul.  

Passion, culture, and taste are three worlds that definitely collided during Breville’s Coffee & Creations Event that was held at Rustan’s Ayala Cebu recently. The event, which was rooted in  the world of coffee and its rich culture, branched out to the realm of art and candle-making  during its three-day run.  

The workshop opened with the Coffee & Canvas Painting Workshop with Philippine-based and  award-winning contemporary modern artist Bisai. In a creative twist to the session, participants  were given the chance to create their masterpieces using coffee as their medium. The results  are artworks that are not only rustic but also authentic as the different shades of coffee were  used to bring depth to the artwork using watercolor techniques. The participants also had the  pleasure to enjoy sipping coffee during the session, all made from Breville’s top-of-the-line  espresso machines.  

Breville Philippines Event

The Coffee & Canvas Painting Workshop shows the versatility of coffee, not only as a medium  that can tickle the taste but also the creativity of people. The same thing can be said for the Sip  & Pour event with Chandler Candles which had its participants enjoy pouring their coffee and  candles in a relaxing DIY session. Coffee-scented candles are not only relaxing to enjoy in your  own home, but they’re also the perfect holiday gift for loved ones who have a special spot in  their heart for the drink.  

The three-day event also had a special demo by Breville Philippines Corporate Chef Chad Datu  who taught how to make Mediterranean Inspired Ciabatta Bread, another perfect munch that  can be paired seamlessly with your favorite espresso. True enough, the Coffee & Creations  Workshop is the perfect demonstration of how art, taste, and culture intertwine—all in a humble  cup of coffee.  

Coffee & Canvas participants
doing their coffee painting

Breville Philippines has always been a true advocate of sharing the culture of coffee and the  many ways it can enrich the lives of its enthusiasts, regardless of their level of mastery of the  drink. The brand is the leading market provider of home lifestyle partners, most notably their line  of espresso machines which brings the third-wave coffee experience right in the homes of  coffee lovers.  

One of its top-of-the-line espresso machines is the Barista Pro which is made for people who  know and love their coffee to a tee but do not always have the luxury of time to make their brew.  Precision meets speed in this model by offering barista quality performance all packaged in an  easy-to-use system. With an intuitive interface that already sets the right dose of freshly ground  beans, temperature, and water pressure, the Barista Pro delivers the perfect third-wave cup of  coffee that’s world’s better than what can be picked up in retail coffee shops. Other features of  the model include a ThermoJet heating system that uses 32 percent less energy (compared to a Thermoblock heating system) and powerful steam wands that can help create silky microfoam  perfect for latte art.  

Breville Philippines Event

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season? Why don’t you make  them a coffee painting or a coffee-scented candle? Even better, keep it simple by brewing them  their favorite cup of joe made from the heart, right in your very home.  

For more information about Breville’s products, visit their website here. You can also follow their  Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram accounts to keep updated on their releases and events.  


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