Have a distinct beer experience with this authentic local wheat beer

OCTOBER 27, 2022

San Miguel Cerveza Blanca wheat beer

Savor every drop of this silky golden brew that harmoniously blends imported wheat  and hops with a splash of citrus and spices 

Beer drinking is enjoyed all over the world, and in the Philippines to celebrate any milestone or  occasion. 

A statistic underscored how the beer market in Philippines has been continuously growing  since the recent years, especially with the ever-evolving customer preferences and a  continuing premiumization trend. 

San Miguel Brewery—the largest producer of beer in the Philippines*—has recently added a  fresh product offering to its anthology of world-class brews for a distinct beer experience. Raise your glasses and welcome San Miguel Cerveza Blanca! 

San Miguel Cerveza Blanca wheat beer

San Miguel Cerveza Blanca, the latest addition to the San Miguel Beer portfolio, boasts of a  harmoniously blended silky golden brew with a whiff of citrus and mint. It has a 5.4% ABV that  complements its vibrant, golden effervescence. 

Relish each sip as it comes with a splash of citrus and spices, while you revel in its hazy  golden brew topped with a silky, creamy head. This blend of taste, flavor, aroma, and texture  gives San Miguel Cerveza Blanca a delightful volume of bubble and buzz. You can even pair  an ice-cold San Miguel Cerveza Blanca with your favorite bar chows and dishes such as: 

  • Chicken – Another classic combination. If you are a fried or grilled chicken aficionado or  if you prefer those multi-flavored chicken wings (and if you just discovered the easiest  Buffalo bites recipe your friends would love), have them with San Miguel Cerveza  Blanca, and enjoy a distinct drinking and dining experience. 
  • Barbeque – Whether it’s grilling up pork barbeque or ribs in your backyard after a long  bike ride or relaxing around the warmth of a bonfire by the beach— weekends are enjoyable with friends and family, with an ice-cold can of San Miguel Cerveza Blanca  shared over fun and laughter.
  • Calamari or Fried Fish – Spur of the moment invites by your friends or loved ones. Enjoy  the night over an ice-cold can of San Miguel Cerveza Blanca paired with Fried Fish or  Calamari. 
  • Indian Food- Craving for something to pair your curry or samosas? Enjoy with a can of  San Miguel Cerveza Blanca! 
  • Sushi – Craving for some JaFUN food? Pair your sushi or spicy ramen with an ice-cold  can of San Miguel Cerveza Blanca and have your friends say “Arigato” for that beer  match. 
  • Banana Pudding – Beer and Desserts? Pair your banana pudding or fruit flavored  desserts with San Miguel Cerveza Blanca! 

So, whether you are a certified beer lover who prefers distinct-tasting beers, a social drinker looking for an exciting brew, or someone who has just recently picked up your first bottle,  San Miguel Cerveza Blanca is worth trying. 

San Miguel Cerveza Blanca wheat beer

Enjoy an ice-cold San Miguel Cerveza Blanca with your friends, family and if you simply want  to reunite, catch up over heartwarming conversations and make life-long memories with the  ones you love. 

Be delighted with San Miguel Cerveza Blanca and treat it as your well-deserved reward which  will teach you how every single and unhurried sip of this premium beer—to foster friendship,  strengthen old and new bonds, and celebrate the good times, the sad times, and everything in  between—will compel you to always savor every moment. 

Grab a can of San Miguel Cerveza Blanca for only P 71.00 SRP from select supermarkets,  groceries, and convenience stores today, or through SMB Delivers via 8632-BEER (2337)  or www.SMBDelivers.com.  

Drink responsibly.
ASC Reference No.: S0110P120123S 

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