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OCTOBER 27, 2022

It’s the Dragon’s year, but the Ox could also win the lotto
It’s the Dragon’s year, but the Ox could also win the lotto

This is quite a unique year,” says Marites Allen about 2024. “Not only is it the Year of the Dragon, we are entering into a new period. We’re kicking off the next 20-year cycle…The Dragon symbolizes power, wisdom and success, making this year auspicious for achievement.”

She notes, “It’s a year of transformation. There are going to be a lot of changes. Over 60 countries around the world are going to have their elections in 2024…There’s going to be a big transformation in most countries, in most economies.”

2024 is the year of women, Allen tells Lifestyle. “Women will reign supreme in 2024, especially middle-aged women. We’ll be seeing them more active in society—entrepreneurs, women leaders, women taking the reins, women taking control of a lot of the sectors.”

Green is the lucky color; lucky gemstones are jade, malachite, emerald, sapphire green, peridots and green tourmaline; and lucky numbers are 1, 8, 14 and 21.

But, of course, when it comes to forecasts, there’s one thing people want to know about the most: money.

“Everybody wants money,” Allen says. “Locate the north sector of your home or office and put there a water fountain. That’s very important for money. You can also put dragon paintings to get the energy of the year aligned to you.”

Also known as the Queen of Feng Shui, Allen has been guiding people in the Philippines and abroad with her expertise and experience in feng shui for over 20 years now. She devotes her time to helping them invite positivity and prosperity into their lives by working with favorable energies.

“People have to understand that feng shui is not magic. It is not a religion. It is actually a scientific way of understanding that anything and everything that we wish for in life is somehow connected to feng shui… It’s how we arrange things around us,” Allen says.

“There are five elements when we do feng shui and these affect our thinking, our thoughts, our feelings.”

We deal with these elements—fire, wood, water, earth, metal—in our daily lives, Allen says. “So no matter what you say or do, you are living with feng shui.”

3 types of luck

There are three types of luck, Allen explains. “The first is Heaven’s Luck. Some people are born very lucky. That is God-given, preordained and cannot be changed. The second is Earth Luck; this is what feng shui is all about. It’s guidance for us—lucky color is jade green, or the lucky sector is the north, put the water fountain there. The third is Mankind Luck; this is what you do yourself—your actions and decisions. If you go lazy, no one is going to put food on the table. Money will not come. It only takes two of the three to be successful in life.”

Before the New Year, she says, “Dispose of things that are already broken or cracked. That’s really bad—if you keep having your family members eat from broken or chipped cups, that connotes poverty. Get yourself something new.”

And when it comes to the things you desire, she says, “Instead of saying ‘I wish,’ say ‘thank you.’ ‘Thank you, universe, for showering me with all these wonderful things.’ If you look at the word ‘impossible,’ it actually means ‘I’m possible.’”

It’s something she does herself. “Every morning, I say my affirmations. I tell myself I love myself.”

She has plenty to offer those who want to harness their Earth Luck. There’s the popular Almanac, Planner and Horoscope bundle which includes a 2024 Marites Allen Feng Shui Almanac, Year of the Wood Dragon Feng Shui Planner 2024 and the Feng Shui Forecast for your Chinese animal sign.

“Once you have these three, you’re set, whether you seek financial success, good health, career advancement, business growth, or fulfilling personal relationships. There’s a lot of information there. You can see your luck every day, the Almanac will tell you the good dates for getting married, moving houses, renovating, having a surgery, filing lawsuits etc.. It gives you the lucky and unlucky time for each animal sign.”

Augmented reality

For the second year now, the bundle is even powered by Augmented Reality (AR) technology—the result of a collaboration with Kaloscope. “It’s the first time this has been done in the world. You can proudly say that it’s a Filipina who’s doing this,” she says. “When you scan the QR code, the Jade Dragon comes to life. It’s my son’s company that is doing this.”

With AR, users can get a more immersive experience and are given the ability to unlock hidden tips and interactive features as they explore Feng Shui principles.

Allen also offers charms, amulets, luck enhancers, paintings, shawls, scarves, and other feng shui-inspired lifestyle products under the Frigga Charmed Life brand. “The Super Power Amulet, you can open it and put wishes inside. A lady bought one from our Megamall branch and she put her wish inside. She wanted to sell her property, and then a week after, she sold it.”

They have stores in SM Megamall and SM Seaside and websites that cater to the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Allen has a message for people who still have no plans for Chinese New Year: “If you don’t know where to celebrate or how to celebrate Chinese New Year, join us at Manila House. We’re going to have the dragon dance, I’m going to teach people how to make their wishes and I’m going to give a mini forecast as well.”

Tickets for the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024 Countdown, happening from 10 p.m. to midnight on Feb. 9, are available online at

The Year of the Wood Dragon is expected to bring “great harmony and prosperity for many,” Allen says. Does that include you?

But even those who aren’t poised to be so lucky this year, should remember that, “In any tragedy, there is always an opportunity.”

It’s the Dragon’s year, but the Ox could also win the lotto
Marites Allen —CONTRIBUTED

Luck for animal signs

Here’s what’s in store for the different animal signs, according to the Queen of Feng Shui.


“The Rat-born person will have the so-called Wealth Star for the year. Opportunities would be very good for you. Money can come very easily for you. This is a good time for you to forge collaborations and partnerships; it’s a good time for you to go and get it.”


“The Ox will have the so-called windfall, something unexpected in a positive way. Baka tumaya ka sa lotto or sweepstakes and you’ll win. Your chances of winning are very, very high. Last year, the Ox-born person had a difficult time because you had the threat of robbery, losing money, but 2024 is a comeback year for you.”


“The Tiger will have heavenly and windfall luck. This is an exciting time for career enhancement, maybe you’re gonna get a promotion. Once you are promoted, then money can come easy as well. If you have been working so hard and you thought your efforts are not being recognized, then this is the time for your efforts to be recognized. It’s a very exciting time.”


“The Rabbit-born persons have the so-called Victory or Fulfillment Star. You have just started a new cycle from the last three years which have been so challenging. Victory Star for you means if you have been wanting to start something new, this is the time for you to kick it off. No more second thoughts. Go and get it.”


“Dragon, this is your year. You waited for 12 years, so congratulations. However, because you’re going to be the star of the year and people will be coming to you and expecting so much from you, you’re going to be opening up too much of yourself, which will lead to your threat to illness. Ensure that you have enough sleep, ensure that you have enough good energy, eat healthily, because the illness issue will be affecting you. Also, be careful with relationship issues. The Dragon will have some relationship issues.”


“The attitude of the Snake is they’re just cool. They just glide through life. If you don’t attack the snake, it won’t attack you. Snake-born people should just keep going. Even if you feel something is stopping you, this is the time for you to just give it a shot. Illness is an issue for the Snake as well. Have yourself checked at the beginning of the year, go for the annual medical checkup, that should be your priority for this year. In feng shui, we have a lot of cures and enhancers for them. So the snake should have what we call the anti-illness amulet.”


“Usually, even in businesses, you are being seen as the victorious sign. However, in 2024, you have the threat of robbery or losing money. This is the time where you are not advised to loan some money because maybe you will not be paid back. There is also a risk, say, you’re driving, accidents could happen. Surgery, getting ill, are threats as well. But we have feng shui guides, we have the Almanac. If you must do some things, they will have specific guidance on the dates and time on when to do this.”


“In 2024, the Sheep-born persons have the so-called Future Prosperity Star. It’s a very good star. The Sheep-born people are very good strategists—if they become CEO or leader of the company, they have a unique way of thinking. They’re very intelligent, collected, a really nice animal sign. The Sheep-born person is going to have a great time in 2024. At the same time, because of the very strong earth energy in the system, you might be challenged with your health as well. Amid prosperity that one can experience in the year… if you are so busy, with so much opportunities coming your way, on the other side of the coin, you could be losing sleep, you could be so exhausted. So make it balanced. But wow, Sheep will really have a good time.”


“The Monkey is the friend of the Dragon. The Rat, Monkey and Dragon are allies and friends. This is the time for you to really shine. You can multiply your luck up to nine times. The Monkey is going to have a great time in 2024. This is the time for you to go big. When you have been thinking of affiliating, of collaboration, do it now. This is the time for you to really go big. No more second thoughts. The energy of the year is favoring you so go for it.”


“The Rooster is the best friend of the Dragon. You are the closest to the Dragon so utilize that affinity for you to be where you want to be.”


“Now the Dog, unfortunately, is the enemy of the Dragon. So I would advise the Dog to take it easy. This is the time for you to make changes, consider moving, change homes, change bedrooms, change your looks, change careers. It is your challenging year and when you make a change, that is usually for the better. You have to have what we call the Tai Sui amulet.”


“Your luck is in term of loving energies—getting married, having babies, engagement. This is the time for you to travel and maybe when you travel, you’ll find the one that you love. Love comes from the most unexpected places. For both Dragon and Boar, if you would like to consider having yourselves trained in new languages, you can do that. Enhance your communication skills, this is the time for you to do it.”

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