Sal Ponce-Enrile presents her latest exhibit at The Grey Space

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Sal Ponce Enrile
Sal Ponce Enrile presents latest exhibition "Allure" at The Grey Space.

The abstract expressionist artist strives to create positive change in San Juan through her latest exhibit “Allure”

Abstract expressionism is a breed of painting that confronts the viewer while reflecting the inner world of the painter. The complexities in paint mirror the complexities of the human experience.

For Sal Ponce-Enrile, her abstract expressionist art pieces are her way of “liberating oneself and embracing vulnerability,” giving voice to “her hopes, dreams, fears, and the things she values most in life, such as her love of God and family.”

A former legislator for Cagayan in 2007 and 2013, she accomplished two post-graduate degrees—first an MA in psychology at Assumption College in 2000 and later an MA in criminal justice at Boston University in 2015. She also co-founded First Shoshin Holdings Inc., a company that invests in startups in developing countries. 

Sal Ponce-Enrile
Artist Sal Ponce-Enrile with works at her latest exhibit “Allure”

Through her work in criminology, psychology, and public service, Ponce-Enrile has accumulated knowledge and experiences to understand the nuances of human behavior—an edge she practices in her art.

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Her career as a self-taught artist spans 20 years, including the solo exhibition “The Awakening” in 2018 and “Journey” at Art Cube Gallery in 2019. Her work has traveled across the world in group exhibitions from the US and Italy to Spain and Switzerland.

For her most recent endeavors, Ponce-Enrile has launched an ongoing exhibition called “Allure” at The Grey Space in San Juan City. The Grey Space is one of the newest contemporary art galleries that features both emerging and established artists in the Philippines. And while in its infancy, the gallery’s past roster of artists hint at a future filled with refreshing curatorial directions in the art scene. 

Sal Ponce-Enrile
Works “Untitled” and “Tranquille” featured in “Allure”

In “Allure,” Ponce-Enrile exhibits new distinct, diaphanous abstract expressionist pieces, alongside a monumental collaborative artwork that gives back in a philanthropic vein.


The artistry in “Allure”

At first glance, the works of Ponce-Enrile could resemble the textures and compositions of Jose Joya or HR Ocampo. There is a distinctly modernist tone to her pieces. The shapes are elegant and diaphanous with different layers of color filtering into one another. Curving lines stack over the other, filling in uneven shapes of rusty reds, mustard yellows, and other earthy tones. 

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Sal Ponce-Enrile
“Moments” mixed media on canvas, 24 x 36 in. 2024
Sal Ponce-Enrile
Grace” mixed media on canvas on board, 36 x 25 in. 2022

Through her abstract expressionist compositions, Ponce-Enrile compels the viewer and shares what she wants the visitors to experience.


 “Visitors to this exhibit can expect to encounter a diverse range of art that embodies a harmonious blend of refined aesthetics and imaginative concepts.”


So what is the allure of “Allure”? Through the color selection in the acrylic and mixed media textures, depth is created where all the elements contrast to coalesce into a harmonious whole.

Sal Ponce-Enrile
Works “Cheers” and “Transience” hang side-by-side.

Ponce-Enrile’s art also serves as a reminder of her resilience. The artist lives with essential tremor, a nervous system condition that causes her right hand to tremble uncontrollably. This poses challenges in creating precise lines. Nevertheless, she embraces this unique challenge, allowing her strokes to flow freely in imperfect lines that create well-balanced compositions.


Sal Ponce-Enrile and her philanthropic purpose

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, “Allure” has a more purposeful existence through its commitment to philanthropy. Together with artist Ivan Acuña, whose style resonates organically with Ponce-Enrile’s, they collaborated on an 8 x 4 ft. piece of mixed media on canvas aptly named “Tandem,” which went on auction.  



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Describing the collaboration as both “an honor” and “nerve-wracking,” she says, “There were too many ‘what ifs’ during the process. I requested Ivan to start the painting so I can come up with a more cohesive and complementary effort that hopefully represents me as an artist while visually working to meld our unique styles.”

But one of the most striking aspects of the collaboration is its intent: the auction proceeds will go to civic projects of the Rotary Club of San Juan. Through this partnership, “Allure” aims to exercise the “transformative power of art” by giving back to the community and striving for social change.

Sal Ponce Enrile
Sal Ponce-Enrile and The Grey Space Gallery owner Patricia Louise Dy.

The artist, who for many years has been a close witness to efforts for social change, says that her choice to grant the proceeds to the local Rotary chapter was inspired by The Grey Space Gallery owner Patricia Louise Dy. 

“Since I mentioned to her that proceeds from my exhibits benefit various charities that I have been supporting over the years, I gave her the option to select the beneficiary for this special collaboration.”

“Allure” runs from Mar. 17 to Apr. 4, 2024. The Grey Space is located at 331 P. Guevarra St., San Juan City. For inquiries, contact Patricia Louise Dy at 0967 057 8603. 

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