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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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We join acclaimed industrial designer Kenneth Cobonpue during KCurated’s latest opening in Rustan’s Makati



Simplicity and minimalism are fine. Monotony isn’t. That is the belief of industrial designer and KCurated founder Kenneth Cobonpue.

As our cities continue to grow and expand, and more begin to live within the urban landscape, what’s to stop everyone’s homes from looking the same? 

It may not be life’s biggest problem but it is what we bring inside with us—from mini porcelain mice to bird-like plant holders and cat-shaped lamps—that turns our run-of-the-mill condominium units into warm, loving homes.


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Especially now since we live in cities, apartment blocks, buildings, and receive very little nature—it’s great to put some of that in your home.


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We caught up with Cobonpue during KCurated’s latest opening in Rustan’s Makati to chat about the modern Filipino aesthetic and the value of bringing nature into our home.

Would you say your collections are geared towards a younger or older audience? 

There’s something here for everyone. We have pieces—small-scale reproductions of bigger furniture as well as other things—that are quite serious such as lights for the living room. 

You can say young because they’re whimsical and fun, but that’s always been a philosophy we’ve imparted to our furniture.

Have your design sensibilities changed over the years because of evolving consumer needs?

Not so much. The philosophy has always been about designing something that’s unique, fun, and with imagination. But of course because of different trends, sometimes the shapes or the colors change.

How has your definition of fun changed over the years?

There’s a fine line between being fun and it being a cliché. We have to also design something that’s timeless. We can’t be riding on a trend too much.

Why are you drawn to nature and why does it routinely show up in your pieces?

It’s something we all have an attachment to. We all love nature and it’s a part of us. It’s part of being human, being in touch with nature, especially now since we live in cities, apartment blocks, buildings, and receive very little nature—it’s great to put some of that in your home.

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How would you define KCurated’s modern Filipino aesthetic? 

Because we’re a very modern company, we tried to bring aspects of Filipino culture into our pieces while still making it global. The Filipino is global. The key and the challenge is to still keep our identity while still being universal.

Why is it important to invest and thoughtfully spend on furniture when there are cheaper alternatives elsewhere?

Good furniture is timeless. We don’t realize it, but we’re actually shaped by the objects around us. The items we use are actually a very integral part of our lives, and they practically define the way we live. If I wake up every morning, I see a very beautiful chair, it makes me happy, it makes me feel good.


This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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