Filipino brand Idyllic Summers is making waves in Tokyo

OCTOBER 27, 2022

In their first international pop-up, Idyllic Summers is bringing Filipino craftsmanship and heritage to the Japanese fashion capital



In a landmark move, Filipino fashion brand Idyllic Summers is making waves in the international fashion scene with its debut pop-up in the trendsetting Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan.

From May 24 to 28, the ethical resort wear label will be showcasing a special capsule collection at the Esmeralda Serviced Department, presenting a unique fusion of Japanese aesthetics and Filipino artisanal traditions to a global audience.

 Idyllic Summers
An Idyllic Summers ensemble with circle trousers in hablon and nautical stripes

Founder Steffi Cua expressed her excitement about this opportunity, stating, “As a brand based in the Philippines, we share the same dreams as many of our contemporaries do, which is entering new markets and territories. For us, it’s about being able to reach a new, like-minded audience to share our stories with, with the underlying goal of communicating our personal take on the identity of the Philippines.”

Joining Idyllic Summers at the pop-up are fellow Philippine-based designers, including Bagasao Studios, jewelry by J. Makitalo, Kelvin Morales, and Proudrace in a curated lineup organized by fashion consultant Tetta Ortiz-Matera of LIT Fashion Consultancy.

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A tribute to Philippine heritage in slow fashion

Much of Idyllic Summers’ creations reflect an understanding of Philippine handiwork and heritage, with Indigenous textiles like piña and hablon, the handwoven textiles from Iloilo. Each piece is made collaboratively with Filipino artisans, whose skills have been honed for years and passed down through generations.

Hablon weaving
Handwoven hablon textile. Photo from Idyllic Summers

The brand’s repertoire showcases pieces designed for ease of wear and movement with simple shapes and airy silhouettes.

“Our shapes are fairly simple, and our pieces are always created with the intent to be wearable,” muses Cua. “We’re a quiet brand—we do things at our own pace, research quite heavily, and we tend to speak softly.”


Idyllic Summers links Philippine materials with Japanese aesthetics

“It has always been our goal to plant little seeds of the Philippines wherever we go, as a reminder of our rich history and culture to the rest of the world,” says Cua.

For the Tokyo capsule collection, Cua takes cues from Japanese designer Issey Miyake and master pattern cutter Shingo Sato, known for transforming fabrics into three-dimensional pieces.

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On the process, Cua explains, “We started with simple shapes in the form of rectangles, squares, and circles, played around with them, and extracted the final silhouettes from there.”

Highlights of the collection include the Circle Trousers, which feature a variety of textiles from pineapple silk dyed dark indigo. Also featured are the quintessential striped hablon pattern as well as light denim.

Indigo dyeing Philippines
Indigo dyeing. Photo provided by Joy Chua

You can also find their classic tops, the Piña Flora and Silver Lining Kimonas—ethereal blouses finely adorned with thread and patterned by the local piña sinuksok method.


While Idyllic Summers is often categorized as resort wear, the brand transcends this label by producing clothes that create a compelling synthesis of the Philippines’ tropical climate—and the centuries of fashion in the country that evolved to embrace it. 

Idyllic Summers
Photo by Juan Paolo Villanueva

Through thoughtful designs, Idyllic Summers intertwines craftsmanship, art, and history with fashion, offering a glimpse into the beauty and depth of Philippine culture. 

With this debut international pop-up in the heart of Tokyo, the brand is poised to captivate a growing global audience with a perspective on fashion that is rooted in tradition yet remarkably contemporary.

The Idyllic Summers pop-up runs from May 24 to 28 2024 at the Esmeralda Serviced Department in Tokyo, Shibuya City, Tomigaya, 1 Chome−37−2

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