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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Discover the ultimate beauty essentials to keep you cool, hydrated, and protected: perfect solutions for managing the heat and humidity during El Niño



Get ahead of the sweltering El Niño heat with our curated collection of beauty essentials. You don’t need to let the weather dictate your comfort—stay cool, protected, and comfortable with the best products designed to keep you looking and feeling great all day long. 

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Naked SunShield Peptide Patch by Franz

Naked SunShield Peptide Patch
Naked SunShield Peptide Patch | Photo from Franz

Korea’s skincare game is definitely light years ahead. Just look at Franz Skincare’s latest breakthrough in sun protection—the Franz Naked SunShield Peptide Patch.

Designed to be ultra-thin, practically invisible, and oh-so-breathable, this beauty essential shields against 99.9 percent UVB and 98.1 percent UVA rays for 12 hours of continuous protection. 

Water and sweat-resistant, this ensures you are covered from sunrise to sunset, with no need for constant reapplication. It’s great for providing that additional coverage in areas more prone to melasma and hyperpigmentation like the cheeks. 

This patch plays well with makeup, too, for all-day outdoor adventures, so you can stay protected without sacrificing style. 

Just a friendly reminder: While these patches cover a significant area of your face, complement them with additional sun protection for complete coverage. 

Shop the Naked SunShield Peptide Patch by Franz on Amazon 

SpotMyUV Detection Stickers

SpotMyUV Detection Stickers
SpotMyUV Detection Stickers | Photo from SpotMyUV Instagram

Utilizing state-of-the-art skin-mimicking technology, these stickers absorb sunscreen just like your skin does. Just adhere the purple sticker before applying sunscreen, rub the sunscreen into the spot, then expose it to direct sunlight, and in just a minute, it transforms into a clear indicator. This assures you’ve applied enough sunscreen to the exposed area. 

Keep in mind though that a light purple hue means you’re partially protected, while a deep purple shade signals it’s time to grab that sunscreen bottle. 

And the best part? Each sticker lasts a 12-hour lifespan, effortlessly cycling through color changes with every sunscreen application. No need to fuss with new stickers every time you reapply. They’re water resistant too. 

Rest assured, these beauty essentials are hypoallergenic, latex-free, and thoroughly tested by dermatologists and pediatricians for your family’s safety. 

Shop the SpotMyUV Detection Stickers by Franz on Amazon 

Avène Thermal Spring Water

Avène Thermal Spring Water
Avène Thermal Spring Water | Photo from Avène

Whether it’s to refresh your skin, soothe redness, or even set your makeup (yes, it’s true!), Avène taps into the healing properties of thermal spring water from the South of France.

This mist is a skincare powerhouse with just two ingredients—thermal spring water and nitrogen. Its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties can work wonders for various skin conditions like eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and burns, all of which can flare up during a heatwave. 

It also works as a makeup setter or blender dampener. It provides that perfect amount of moisture and gives that plumper-looking skin. Pro tip: Keeping it chilled in the fridge provides the indulgence of instantly refreshing French water—now that’s fancy. Not to mention, it’s hypoallergenic, too.

Shop the Avène Thermal Spring Water Mist on Shopee 

MediHeal Toner Pads

MediHeal Toner Pads
MediHeal Toner Pads | Photo from MediHeal Official Instagram

Our skin can face a barrage of challenges this season, from short-term discomforts to long-term concerns. But let’s not stress too much about that when we have MediHeal Toner Pads. These pads deliver toner benefits in an easy-to-use pad format filled with powerhouse ingredients to save your skin, especially during the dry season. 

We all know how UV rays can fast-track those fine lines and wrinkles. I’m going to introduce you to MediHeal’s Retinol Collagen Lifting Pad, infused with the power combo of retinol and collagen. This tag team works wonders, lifting and rejuvenating lackluster and sagging skin while visibly smoothing out signs of aging.   

Now let’s talk about MediHeal’s Watermide Moisture Pads. This intensive hydration pad targets dryness, dehydration, and fatigue with ease, and with a refreshing cooling effect that instantly de-puffs skin by 15 percent after each use. Plus, they’ve been proven to lock in moisture and boost hydration after three uses.

But what’s the secret sauce, you ask? Icelandic glacier water. Packed with the brand’s WaterActive complex and delivered via a clever liposome system, these pads are like a hydration superhero for your skin. 

Each box has 100 pads and a handy set of tweezers. It’s a beauty essential that’s totally worth it.

Shop the Mediheal Toner pad on Shopee 

Sun Women’s Visor

Sun Women’s Visor
Sun Women’s Visor | Photo from Lululemon

It’s time to trade in that sports cap for a chic sun visor! Let’s explain why sun visors offer superior ventilation compared to caps. They allow a good breeze to flow around your head, keeping you cool and collected even in the sweltering heat. Caps, on the other hand, can trap heat around your head, leading to excessive sweating 

Sun visors take the lead over other options when it comes to sun protection with a touch of style and functionality. Take, for example, Lululemon’s Women’s Woven Visor, which is a stylish essential that is great for casual outings. 

It’s created with a soft, sweat-wicking sweatband that features an adjustable back closure for a snug fit. The removable sweatband makes clean-up a breeze for your next sunny adventure. 

Shop the Lululemon Women’s Woven Visor on shop.lululemon

Owala FreeSip Twist

Owala FreeSip Twist
Owala FreeSip Twist | Photo from Owala

The Owala FreeSip Twist is the ultimate addition to your summer essentials lineup. While we all cherish our trusty water bottles, Owala has stolen hearts with the FreeSip product. 

A twist on their classic FreeSip model, Owala introduces the long-awaited Twist version. Retaining its signature two-in-one spout design, this stainless steel bottle delivers the same beloved functionality: It’s BPA-, lead-, and phthalate-free; it features a leak-proof twist-top lid; and it can hold hot, cold, and carbonated beverages.

The updated version now includes a convenient carry loop for easy transport and a slim exterior that fits snugly in cup holders and small water bottle pockets. Plus, the entire neck of the bottle twists off for easy refilling, allowing you to add ice cubes or your favorite beverage easily. Not to mention, the gasket is also removable for thorough and easy cleaning.

Shop the Owala FreeSip Twist on Owalalife

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