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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Trinkets, despite how small they are, eventually take a lot of room in our living spaces and everyday lives. This leads to clutter and unnecessary stress. Who here has looked at their desk and the many items strewn haphazardly on it and was overcome with the need to just flip the table? We all have at one point in our work week.

Given this long weekend, we suggest organizing the mess that has accumulated.  Get your hands busy with this DIY catch-all project that will take a step back from the chaos of life and put a little order into your world.


Sheets of soft faux leather from an old bag or purse
Stapler with gold staple wire
Piece of hard cardboard
Large needle and thread (optional)
Craft glue


1. Decide how big you want the tray to be, and cut out out a square on the cardboard for the base.
2.Lay the cardboard square on your leather sheet, and trace its shape lightly with a pencil. Cut it out.
3.Repeat step number two on another leather sheet, but before cutting, trace a 1-inch border on all sides of the square. Cut it out.
4. Glue the smaller leather square on top of the cardboard square, centering it well so the square isconcealed.
5. Glue the cardboard with the leather side up onto the center of the larger leather square.
6.When the glue has dried, pinch one corner of the larger leather square and staple. Repeat on all corners to form the sides of the tray.
7.You can leave the staples, or you can roughly sew the corners to secure them and then carefully remove the staples.
8.Use the tray to store jewelry, keys,or small cosmetic items.



Photos and styling by Ina Amor Mejia


Source: Ina Amor Mejia for Northern Living, “Stored Values, ” August 2015.


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