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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Actors crying is par for the course in most movies or shows, but what’s rare is when they still retain their beauty when tears start

Actors crying is par for the course in most movies or shows, but what’s rare is when they still retain their beauty when tears start

I always say people in the casting department have the potential to do god’s work—especially when they cast men who cry so pretty. People are usually ugly criers (myself included, ngl), but some people are blessed with rosy cheeks, wet baby cow eyes, and a cute li’l red nose when the waterworks start. 

These people are a rare breed, but the men on this elite list are even fewer. Here are some of our favorite actors who just glow when they start bawling. The list is not at all comprehensive, so feel free to fight me on this if your fave isn’t on here—but know I’ll be (ugly) crying if you do. 

Steven Yeun in “Beef”

When “Beef” came out, it was a big moment for the Asian-American community. It was also a big moment for people who love Steven Yeun. In one of the most iconic scenes from the show, Yeun sheds silent tears during a praise and worship scene. It did things to me. 

Timothée Chalamet in “Call Me By Your Name” 

Many things have happened since the release of “Call Me By Your Name,” but the film has definitely left a lasting impact on many of us. The final scene in particular, where Elio cries in front of the fireplace, has been imprinted on many a mind. 

Park Bo-Gum in “Record of Youth”

If a puppy ever turned into a person, it would be Park Bo-Gum. “Record of Youth” wasn’t the smash hit everyone expected it to be, but it still delivered one of the best clips of Park Bo-Gum crying. That in itself is enough. 

Dev Patel in “Lion”

Dev Patel is one of the most gorgeous gorgeous men who have ever walked this earth—and you can quote me on this. So it only makes sense if he’s also one of the most gorgeous criers we’ve ever seen. Though he only sheds a few tears during this scene in “Lion,” it’s enough to warrant a spot on this list. 

Nam Joo-Hyuk in “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”

“Twenty-Five Twenty-One” destroyed many a heart, including the hearts of its main characters. In the penultimate episode, we see a distraught Baek Yi-Jin (played by Nam Joo-Hyuk) crying his little heart out. I just wanted to give him a warm blanket, some tea, and a hug at this point. But man did he look good. 

Young Leonardo DiCaprio in “Romeo + Juliet”

At the tender age of 18, a very young Leonardo DiCaprio starred as Romeo in Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo + Juliet.” In one of the most iconic scenes from the movie, he bawls “I defy you stars!” as he dramatically falls to his knees. I’m no longer a fan of the Leo now because he only dates people close to the age he was in when he was in the movie, but I can admit he really popped off with that one. 

Kim Soo-Hyun in literally everything 

Kim Soo-Hyun may have just wrapped “Queen of Tears,” but even without the drama, he’s the undisputed King of Tears. In whatever project he’s in, the face card never declines when the crying commences. He’s just cursed with a perfect face that even bawling cannot ruin. 

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