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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Stephanie Borlongan, 19, DLS-CSB

“A necklace is a key piece in all my looks. My fave trend these days—high-waisted skirts and shorts! They emphasize the waist. Never wear leggings and a cropped top. It’s too skanky.”

Hazel Alino, 17, St. Paul Pasig

“I can never step out of the house without earrings on. I’m loving long tops and tank tops. They look awesome and feel awesome!”

Bea Ignacio, 17

“My bag is the key piece in all my looks for the season. Nude-colored clothes are my favorite trend these days. It keeps me tanned all year round.”

Lean Valle, 17

“I usually wear necklaces, but for this season, I added clips. I’m loving floral prints. I don’t go for dark colors.”