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Derek Ramsay’s a Daddy’s guy

FATHER and son
WITH his dad, Derek Sr.

When he’s not busy with show biz and sports, Derek Ramsay heads home to Tagaytay, a welcome sanctuary for the man who remains fiercely close to his family, particularly his father, Derek Sr.   The Swatch ambassador’s message to his dad on Father’s Day reveals just how tight they are:

“My father has many amazing traits and characteristics. Here are a few of my favorite ones. He is annoying, makulit, immature and childish. I love it!!! He is my best friend, my protector and my idol. I’m very lucky to be the son of this old fart. Happy Father’s Day, mate. Always remember I try to purposely lose to you in golf because I love you. Big wet kiss, buddy.”—Derek Ramsay