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OCTOBER 27, 2022

A new treatment of oily skin uses light-based photorejuvenation system.
Skin care clinic Facial Care Center recently launched Optilight, a treatment from the US that employs an “advanced light-based photorejuvenation system” that shrinks oil-producing sebaceous glands.

Very oily, shiny skin is frustrating. Pores become visible, makeup melts fast, and one gets an embarrassingly untidy look.

Blotting the oiliness out often with oil-control film is taxing, and patting on powder regularly may cause pimples and whiteheads.

Optilight also addresses photo-aged skin, or skin overexposed to sunlight; wrinkles and sagging; age spots or sun-induced freckles in mature skin; hyperpigmentation or discoloration; and rosacea or redness caused by visible veins.

Oily skin is common among Filipino women, said dermatologist Dr. Li Yuanhong of China Medical University. (Li trains Facial Care doctors on the new technology.)

Filipino women have oilier skin than other Asian women because of the tropical weather and the rich food they eat, said Dr. Shyla Samson-Valdez.

Lunch-time procedure

The procedure takes an average of 20 minutes and can be done over lunch break. First, the face is cleansed and eyes are covered with goggles. Then a wand with a small rectangular pad for a tip (about half the size of a matchbox) is pressed against the face, area by area—cheeks, chin, forehead.

A light flashes, similar to that of a camera. It tingles a bit, and may give a pinching effect depending on one’s sensitivity. It may feel as strong as a rubber-band snap to some, virtually painless to others.

Optilight’s Optimal Pulse Technology allows consistent delivery of precise pulse and wavelength. The doctor adjusts the machine’s settings to address conditions such as oily skin, hair removal, varicose veins and acne. The light penetrates deep into the skin for maximum effect.

The downtime is minimal, if any. Sensitive ones can experience swelling or a burning sensation which could last a few hours.

“Optilight can also be done on the neck, chest, back, hands, any part of the body where you need enhanced collagen production,” Li said during an interview at the Facial Care Center branch in Makati.

She has been using the procedure on patients since 2005 in China.
Collagen is a protein that gives skin a plump, healthy appearance, which is gradually lost as one ages.

Around six sessions every three weeks are recommended. Compared with other popular Facial Care Center service like Refirme, Optilight is considered the most advanced non-invasive treatment, which FCC calls “Photoshop for your skin.”

Facial Care Center has branches in Metro Manila, Pampanga and Cebu. Call 892-SKIN (7546) for assesment and rates.

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