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Arroyo winery-hopping in Bordeaux?

Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is missing all the action on the home front (or is she?). As the prelates faced the public in apology for their SUVs, and allegations of funds misuse tumble out of what is like Pandora’s box, GMA (Arroyo) is said to be enjoying the best wines Bordeaux can offer.

On this private trip or what seems to be an R&R, she is said to be visiting wineries there and enjoying wine tasting. GMA has been known to love wine and spirits.

She is said to have an entourage of 12, including two of her closest friends. (Now who are they?)

Apparently GMA is on a European jaunt. She is said to be also on her way to Monte Carlo, the destination of jet-setters.

Word has it that she’s also flitting by Spain to attend some conference on —— capital punishment.