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She nailed it

Deniz Satici, an Amy Winehouse fan and nail polish blogger from Turkey (, expressed her sadness over the singer’s death with a beautiful work of art—on her nails. She wrote, “I’m really, really sad about Amy Winehouse passing away. I really liked her, musically and personally. I was aware that she was tumbling down really fast, and I always wanted to think there was some hope for this beautiful, lonely girl. I kind of knew that the bitter end was close by, but the sad news still hit me like a truck. Here is my tribute for her. Thumb is her head, with her signature beehive hairdo with roses, and one eye with heavy eyeliner. Index is Zoya Valerie, because of her song, “Valerie.” Middle is black with some golden music notes, thanks to her music of pure gold. Ring is some black roses with thorns, beautiful and (self) destructive, just like Amy herself. And pinky is Orly Glitz & Glamour, because her music made me live that era.”