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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Ramon Bautista shares some advice on how to move on after a heartbreak and be an awesome person instead. He has coined a few terms to describe these tips on his show “Tales from the Friend Zone” and his Formspring. Read on and be informed:


The Modular Life System: According to Ramon, one should have many circles, or “modules” in life, and these should not overlap. For instance, your work friends should be different from your “hobby” friends or college friends. In the same manner, one’s romantic relationships should have its own “circle,” so in case it fails, the other modules are still intact and life can still go on.


Preemptive supalpal: When one feels that a friend is about to declare his or her romantic feelings and one doesn’t feel the same way, “preemptive supalpal” is the way to go. Here, the “friend-zoner” casually rejects the other person in a subtle manner so as not to hurt the other’s feelings and, possibly, to save the friendship. One way of doing this is by telling the person “you really are a great friend.”


Counter preemptive supalpal: Self-explanatory, this is how to counter preemptive supalpal attempts. One can do this, for example, by telling the friendzoner that he/she is a great friend, too, and then proceeding to tell him/her about a new crush. Not only can it save the friend-zoned’s self-esteem, it can also be a way to exact revenge on the friend-zoner.


Reverse bittering: After all is said and done, the rejection hurts—a lot. However, one can get over the pain by staying positive. Instead of blaming one’s self for the rejection or failure in the relationship because there is something wrong with him, the person should instead focus on the negative traits of the other person. Rissa Camongol



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