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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Tag: Flawless

Volcanoes become Flawless’ newest men

Men take center stage this June as Flawless introduces the newest faces to join its esteemed roster of celebrity endorsers—Andrew Wolff, Gareth Holgate, Harry Morris and Chris Everingham of the National Rugby Team.

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Non-surgical facelift? Flawless makes it possible

Much as we’d like to deny it, this is the general mindset of today’s society towards beauty. Considered by most as a double standard, this belief has given birth and continues to drive an ever-burgeoning aesthetic industry that strives to keep people looking like 30 something when in their 50s. Soaps, creams and more drastic approaches like plastic surgery continue to evolve and push boundaries as demands for more effective and immediate solutions intensify.

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