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Jack Tips, ‘naturopathic’ doctor, wants to help the body heal itself



I don’t want to work with conventional medicine, pharmacological drugs and insurance companies,” said Jack Tips, a naturopathic doctor. “They have an agenda to keep people on drugs and dictate to doctors what treatments are supposedly right for the individual.”

Tips is known for his work in the natural health field through his private consultations, lectures and books.

“From the natural health perspective, each person is biochemically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually individual; and must be treated accordingly,” he said. “This is why natural health is a creative engagement with the individual’s vitality, rather than a standardized process.”

Tips advocates methods of health restoration by using the body’s own capacity to express optimal health. He does this through a combination of homeopathy, nutritional and herbal supplements and diet guidelines.


Based in Austin, Texas, Tips recently visited Manila to give a talk on approaches to natural healing.

His lecture was organized by the Comprehensive Iridology Practitioners Association of the Philippines (Cipap), the members of whom include graduates of the advanced course on Comprehensive Iridology of the International Iridology Practitioners Association based in the US.

A sclerologist himself, Tips explained that both sclerology and iridology are methods of diagnosing a person’s health by looking at patterns and colors of the sclera (white part of the eye) and iris (colored part of the eye).

Cells need energy

Tips’ talk featured the topic of cellular healing and how to restore and improve health by addressing the causes (instead of just symptoms) on the cellular level.

Cells use ATP (adenosinetriphosphate), which is produced by the body, to transport chemical energy for metabolism. “Poor health is the result of diminished ATP production within the cells. The goal is to restore energy to the cells so the cells can perform optimally.”

“When the cells have energy to spare, they repair their own genetic code and thus tissue function can improve dramatically.

“There are many supplements that help people daily—ionic minerals, omega-three fatty acids, vitamin D, ubiquinol. Supplementation is done to apply nutrients to address the key ‘points of leverage’ that interfere with the body’s desire to restore its health to the most optimal expression.

“In health, energy is everything, not vitamins, minerals, enzyme, anti-oxidants, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, or any other nutritional commodity, and certainly not any drug that causes side effects,” said Tips.


Tips was sickly as a child. His mother brought him to homeopaths who helped cure his ailments. He started studying “the tools and principles of natural health including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and herbs.”

He took formal studies with different experts in the fields of diet, naturopathy, tissue-mineral ratios, kinesiology, among others. He is a certified clinical nutritionist and has doctorates in clinical nutrition and naturopathy.

“The principle involved in homeopathy is ‘like cures like,’” he says.  “The law of similars states that a remedy can cure a disease if it produces in a healthy person symptoms similar to those of the disease.

“Symptoms that we experience are what our bodies do to overcome perceived threats to its integrity. Thus it uses fever, diarrhea, coughs, vomiting, headaches, discharges, eruptions, etc. to help restore health.

“No one knows better than the body how to heal itself. Homeopathy elicits a pathway for the body’s own adaptive resources to correct its expressions of discomfort.

“The classical homeopath never ‘treats a disease’ but only helps the person’s innate vitality to correct the cause, and thus the effects, of any discomfort; the homeopath is a specialist in how the body’s ‘vital force’ struggles to adapt and survive.”

Cipap organizes talks on iridology and other natural health topics that are open to the public. E-mail; tel. 0920-9073075; visit

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  • Anonymous

    Jack Tips,
    Discuss baldness and its treatment the naturopathic way.

    • Bubbles

      try gugo or aloe vera.  baldness is part of the aging process, simple as that.

    • Thelma Marisol

      Try Colloidal Silica 500ml; Fusion Multivitamin 60 tablets Fusion Women’s Balance 60 tablets for Alopecia. That’s a documented and proven treatment for hormonal-related baldness. Google it

      • Anonymous

        Proven by who?. I don’t see why a colloidal sand=silica and bunch of vitamins would treat male-pattern baldness! That’s quackery 101!!!

      • Thelma Marisol

         Look it up please. We have a test subject on this one.

      • Anonymous

        You look it up and show me! You’re the one making a the onus and the burden of proof should come from you!!!

      • Thelma Marisol

        Oh really? Tell me, why do you eat food? What elements do you think will you derive from vegetables, milk, rice and what other things you ingest? Or maybe you don’t eat at all.

        Based on your logic, I frankly don’t see any reason why those things would become the body you are. That’s quackery 101. I frankly don’t see any reason why milk and other substances turned out to be a talking dummy such as you are. Had your mother starved you when you were only nine months old, I wonder if you even grew up to what you are now. Quackery isn’t it? Amazing that you even grew any hair at all.

        If you don’t understand the nature of substances and what it becomes after they are digested, I suggest you starve yourself to death. It’s quackery after all.

      • Anonymous

        Are you saying that those guys with bald heads..don’t eat that is why they lost their hair? What a preposterous claim! Please just open your mouth because you’re just making a fool of yourself! Is the reason we eat it’s coz we wanna grow hair? Again you cannot even present any scientific evidence of your claims!

      • Thelma Marisol

        “Are you saying that those guys with bald heads..don’t eat that is why they lost their hair?”

        No. I only restated your question about vitamins and silica. Both are naturally available anyway from other food sources but in much lower concentrations.

        Balding, allopecia and other forms of hairloss have many causes. We can argue on this codependent on the science or discipline that seeks to explain the same. And let me tell you, all the competing theories over the same are equally tenable. We will honor now who could provide the remedy or cure or treatment or restoration to current norms of hair growth for the specific human.

      • Anonymous

        I am talking about male-pattern hair loss! How could silica which is basically sand and vitamins prevent hair loss in men?

      • Thelma Marisol

        There are many theories to this and we have to open an entire forum just to discuss all the theories surrounding the same, involving all known disciplines and sciences who seek to explain how the body works. Since we have chosen allopathy and vitamin therapy, we will limit our possible explanations to the same. But the truth behind the matter is far more complex than that.

        Try to see this:

        “A controlled, randomized, double-blind, parallel-group study
        compared the effects of Viviscal® (a new food supplement incorporating special
        marine extracts and a silica compound) with those of a fish extract in the treatment
        of young males with hereditary androgenic alopecia.” {The Journal of International
        Medical Research 1992}

      • Anonymous

        And what is the result of the study? What is the power of the study? The Control, the end-points? Right off the bat…I already found a weakness in the study just by reading your title…”parallel-group study”…the 2 groups better be well-matched!

      • Thelma Marisol

        “In conclusion, Viviscal® appears
        to be the first highly active treatment for androgenic alopecia in young males.”I’m sorry to say this but you have utterly lost my confidence in your thinking and reasoning. I hope that should I ever find myself in the hospital, I will not be under the incompetence of your kind.

      • Anonymous

        Who is the sponsor of the study? Is that the maker of Viviscal too? lol…
        Why would you even bother going to an allopathic physician..I thought you only believe in herbal meds and vitamins and silica! And letting your body heal itself! lol

      • Anonymous

        Can you show me an independent study of this claim? The problem is if you break down the content of this megadose multivitamin that they are peddling, it’s nothing but a repackaging of those generics that you can get at a fraction of the cost at Costco or Sam’s. Furthermore you can also loss your hair with this formulation and worst you could loss your liver and kidney. Save your money, all the elements in that tables can be obtained from a balance diet.

      • Thelma Marisol

         ” it’s nothing but a repackaging of those generics that you can get at a fraction of the cost at Costco or Sam’s”

        Yes. Megavitamins is not new. It’s as old as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine long before allopathic medicine labeled them as “vitamins.”

  • Anonymous

    My wife and I have been taking 600 mg of Ubiquinol per day each for the last 3 years and we just had lunch with retired friends we haven’t seen in 5 years and they were amazed on our “glow”.  Oxygen in every cell must have some enhancing effect that we don’t notice.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    At last I’ve found an ally on self-healing principle.  I don’t believe in drugs or any medicine, I’ve stopped taking medicine for over 20 years already, I’m 40 years old now and I feel as healthy as I was 20 years ago.  My principle is that our body has the capacity to heal itself, it’s only a metter of training ourselves to heal itself.  The best way for our body to heal itself is to take a rest, let our body take a rest so it will have time to heal itself.

    I took this principle from evryday experience, as I compare my body to a car or any machine we are using today.  You can not repair a car when it is running, you need to park the car, stop the engine, cool it down, and you fix it.  Just like our body, we need to park our body, stop from any activity, take a rest, and let the body fix itself.

    Wisdom to ponder: A lot of medicinal drugs are out in the market, all claiming to heal the sicknesses, diseases and ilnesses.  These medicines should have decreased the health problems and most probably erradicate the sicknesses, diseases and illnesses we are having right now.  But how come the more and more people become sick and new sicknesses, diseases and ilnesses are born everyday?

    • Anonymous

      Actually it is the “natural” medicines that claim to heal all kinds of diseases. Real medicine is targeted for specific diseases. I applaud you that you can keep yourself healthy, but I challenge you to refuse all “commercial” drugs or medicine when you find yourself in a medical situation. 

      And your body has no ability to heal itself when it catches TB, Hepatitis, Diabetes, and AIDS. It is thanks to modern medicine that we can even begin to address diseases like this.

      • Thelma Marisol

        “And your body has no ability to heal itself when it catches TB,
        Hepatitis, Diabetes, and AIDS. It is thanks to modern medicine that we
        can even begin to address diseases like this.”

        Oh really now? That’s not entirely true. We have people who have been suffering those things before who are still alive today but have not sought further medical help and treatment because they could not afford it. And yet they live and are symptom-free while their counterparts who could afford treatment are already dead. The body is capable of building self-immunity with a little help from proper nutrition and some vital substances which may be derived from plants, food, minerals or other energy-sources including western medicine, but it all boils down to the body’s restorative capacity.

      • Anonymous

        You’re another quack!!! Please don’t make any pronouncements about physiology, disease etiology, epidemiology and therapeutics if you have no clue of what you’re talking about! That just makes you sound like an idiot!!!
        Give me statistics of people who survived TB, hepatitis B & C and AIDS without treatment and I’ll concede with you!!! Oh..anecdotal evidence does not count!!! Those have no place in allopathic medicine!!!

      • Thelma Marisol

        The debate on AIDS is far from over.  Just google it. And yes, there are people who are still alive today who were once diagnosed as HIV-positive. Most are already ageing. And most found out, the medications were causing the other unwanted symptoms. Look it up. I can’t post links here due to the site’s internal rules.

        TB survivors? Hepatitis B and C? You may be one of those dormant carriers of the pathogen. Get yourself tested. Did you know that most people can test positive for these bugs and yet not exhibit the symptoms because of the human body’s active immune system? We have studies for that and they are not anecdotal which is why there was/is a heated debate about these things since the late 80’s, 90’s and now again.

      • Anonymous

        Hahahaha..dude you’re preaching to the choir!!! I am in the science/medical field if you don’t already know that! And so you get your scientific evidence from google? How pathetic could you be? There’s a lot of garbage out there that those who have no medical/scientific background could be easily mislead if the person don’t know how to tell  what reputable source are!
        These people with HIV/AIDS are surviving coz of the many anti-AIDS meds available. Thanks agreed with me!!! If they’re never given any of these treatment..they would have died within 6 months as soon as their CD4 counts goes down below 200. And yes..just as any medications…any of them have side effects! But you can never treat this kind of disease with a hocus-pocus….self healing /naturopathic crap!

        LOL get tested? Are you kidding me? You think one can work in the scientific/health profession if you’re positive with any of these diseases? And yeah once the disease is full blown…there’s no turning back of any of these…not unless you have treatment. Show me the study..or the paper!

      • Thelma Marisol

         Look up in the scholar section of Google the following:

        Toll-Like Receptor Triggering of a Vitamin D-Mediated Human Antimicrobial Response

        Philip T. Liu et al

        Cutting Edge: Vitamin D-Mediated Human Antimicrobial Activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis Is Dependent on the Induction of Cathelicidin1

        Philip T. Liu*,
        Steffen Stenger et al

        Annual Review of Immunology

        There are more. Just search in the Journal of Immunology.

      • Anonymous

        Why are you presenting this paper that you pluck in Google? What sort of evidence this help your argument? Is it because there’s a mention of Vit-D-dependent production of cathelicidin in the toll-like receptors in monocytes? Are you then concluding that TB patients should take vit D? LOL…how ludicrous!!! In NO way CDC recommends such therapy for TB! You’re pathetic and a real QUACK!!
        FYI this paper is a bench science research! It needs more research to translate that to bedside application! You need a clinical research to able to make use of that finding! Geez!!!

      • Thelma Marisol

        Read the epistemology of this discussion.

        “And how come they’re not part of the recommendation by CDC as part of the treatment for TB!”

        That’s not for me to answer. Why don’t you ask the CDC then?

      • Anonymous

        Hahahaha..I love it when you don’t know a thing…you deflect the question and defer it to someone else’s! Just say I don’t know..I would not penalize you for that! Epistemology..what is this philosophy? Lord have mercy!!!! Who said vitamin drowning is an allopathic medicine treatment? Isn’t that you quacks are advocating?

      • Thelma Marisol

        You are asking me about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention policy. And that is not part of the original thread. You are misleading the readers with extraneous irrelevant topics to precisely “redirect the subject at hand and defer it to someone else”


      • Anonymous

        You are the one deflecting points that you have no clue! You keep telling to ask this and ask that! CDC is the authority on infectious and communicable diseases well pretty much any diseases really! They give the recommendation for treatments of just about any of these diseases…and that serves as the gold standard…so they know if there are new therapuetic discoveries out there coz they get added to the current recommendations right away to save lives!!!

      • Thelma Marisol

        Blind appeal to authority.

      • Thelma Marisol

        Laugh as much as you like, but know that your ignorance is dangerous to the humans under your charge.

        Don’t play god over human lives. Someday you will meet your nemesis along the way, and you may be the victim of your own actions and choices.

        Money can only protect you to a certain degree. It won’t last long. Life comes full circle.

        Be well and safe.

      • Anonymous

        Who said I play with someone’s life? I treat my patients with utmost respect and care! That’s part of our professional oath! And who might that nemesis be? I don’t believe in I am wondering who that might be! You’re full of crap!

      • Thelma Marisol

        “And so you get your scientific evidence from google? How pathetic could you be?”

        No I don’t. But there’s no common ground for us to peruse in this case. I can’t even cite personal cases as they fall under hearsay.

      • Anonymous

        Hahaha..didn’t i tell you that anecdotal evidence don’t mean a crap? So yeah “personal cases” don’t count!!! And google is not a reputable source for scientific papers as there are so many seemingly valid papers or research out there when in fact most of them are piece of trash! PUBMEB is the most reputable source for any research document.

      • Thelma Marisol

        You are already cracking at the seams. I could detect institutional and means-of-livelihood insecurity. I understand your plight. But public health and the welfare of your fellow human beings, in addition to truth rank higher than those. And that is what philosophy is for. It does not pay tribute to convenience or current lucrative business or profession. Your field calls that as bioethics or simply as ethics.

        Since you accept PubMed’s authority, look these up:

        “Vitamin D: modulator of the immune system.
        Baeke F, Takiishi T, et al”

        “Natural killer T cells in pulmonary disorders.
        Rijavec M, et al.”

        “Therapeutic antimicrobial peptides may compromise natural immunity.
        Habets MG, Brockhurst MA.”

      • Anonymous

        Cracking at the seams and means of livelihood insecurity? Are you going to steal my job too? maybe you can try! lol..Thank you very much i am happy with what I do and renumerated just fine! And yes…our professional concern is to take care of the sick and the general health of the public which are all evidenced-based! And why are you presenting those papers? what evidence do those paper help your argument? Explain to me the significance of the findings in those papers?

      • Thelma Marisol

         You want clinical trials?

        The above researches are clinical studies.

        Here’s more: “Vitamin D and Chronic Lung Disease: A Review of Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Studies Adv Nutr May 2011″

        A Single Dose of Vitamin D Enhances Immunity to Mycobacteria, Adrian R. Martineau et al. registered with clinicaltrials-dot-gov (NCT 00157066).

        Bronchiolitis: Lingering Questions About Its Definition and the Potential Role of Vitamin D Pediatrics 2008

        Vitamin D and Tuberculosis Incidence in Spain Am. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med. 2008

        Vitamin D Deficiency Is Associated with Tuberculosis and Latent Tuberculosis Infection in Immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa Clinical Infectious Diseases 2008

        Antimicrobial Peptides, Innate Immunity, and the Normally Sterile Urinary Tract J. Am. Soc. Nephrol. 2007

      • Anonymous

        I said explain each of the signifiance of the results of these studies! And how come they’re not part of the recommendation by CDC as part of the treatment for TB! Even if Vit D is provento be possible treatment…you don’t have to take a pill form of it coz our the sun via our skin and kidney’s synthesizes it! So save your money for something else!

      • Thelma Marisol


      • Thelma Marisol

        “what evidence do those paper help your argument?”

        Weren’t you following the epistemology of this thread?

        Weren’t we discussing the body’s natural immune system and how it copes with pathogens with a little help from some substances which may be derived from food or even from direct exposure to sunlight [since Vitamin D is naturally synthesized by the skin upon UV exposure]?

      • Anonymous

        That is only possible if the body you’re talking about is healthy! One get sick because some of functioning of their body do not work and that includes the immune system! Once it cannot protect itself could drown yourself in multivitamins I can bet you, you could die if you don’t treat it!

      • Thelma Marisol

         Oh really? But vitamin drowning is one of your therapies.

      • Thelma Marisol

        “PUBMEB is the most reputable source for any research document.”

        That’s your opinion. I have cited PubMed documents. It is up for the readers to prove for themselves. You can laugh your heart out but don’t expect you could earn everyone’s trust that way. And don’t even think that some people would get taken by it. As more and more people realize that they are or their loved ones are getting worse or dying under your care, may they never haunt you.  Know that your profession is sacred and not originally meant for commerce.

      • Thelma Marisol

         “These people with HIV/AIDS are surviving coz of the many anti-AIDS meds available.”

        Absolutely not. I am citing those who realized early on the damage that the alleged antiretroviral medications were causing them, which include drug-induced pancreatitis, hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity and progressive cellular damage.

      • Anonymous

        So are you saying that those people who stopped taking their anti-retrovirals lived longer? Show me the paper!!! Because the evidence is overwhelming out there that the reason why HIV patients live longer these days is coz of HAART therapy. And yes they have side-effects..just as any medications or herbal supplements..even vitamins could kill you if you overdose on some of them!!

      • Thelma Marisol

        The Rath Health foundation is the only medical organization that I personally know that has conducted an independent study on people who were diagnosed as HIV positive but are still alive today and are on natural/herbal or vitamin therapy or none at all but are still alive after 30 years since initial diagnosis.

        That’s a significantly long period of time for a supposed auto-immune system dysfunction.

        A car crash in a week or liver damage due to other pathogens is far deadlier if that is the case.

        In the Philippines, politics involve higher death rates that it should probably be classified under some disease or public health issue.

      • Anonymous

        Hahaha..of course they’re the only one that conducts those research coz they’re exactly in-line with what you’re advocating..naturopaahty! And what was their findings about these AIDS patients not on anti-retroviral? Why is the WHO is not all over their findings to be used by third world countries?

      • Thelma Marisol

        I will not discuss the WHO because this is not the proper forum. The moment I air my personal misgivings about this institution and their cohorts in the US congress, I will be naming people plus the private litigations they are facing [raised by private individuals and some advocacy groups] just to prove my point, because I have personal unsavory experiences with them. And I might get banned from ever commenting here again because these are sensitive issues.

      • Thelma Marisol

         “That just makes you sound like an idiot!!!”

        Allopathy is evidence-based. And yes, we have evidence, lots of evidence, to support the claim that humans can build self-immunity and restoration to normal functioning even if attacked by the diseases or dysfunctions you mentioned.

        I can only speak from the evidence we currently have on the matter.

      • Anonymous

        The diseases that you mentioned can not, in the first place, survive in a healthy body. Because, you may be infected by these diseases, but they are still weak at the start that your body defense mechanism can resist them and kill them during their early stage.

        Moreover, medicines are not disease-specific. The medicine that you take will run to all parts of your body, from head to toe, even at the tip of your finger. Take for example, you will simultaneously have a headache, toothache, backpain, musclepain. Just a tablet of alaxan relieves you off from all the pains simultaneously. A simple headache only needs a microgram not milligram of ibuprofen, a 500mg tablet of alaxan is too much for a headache. That is why you take a 500mg of ibuprofen because the pharmaceuticals knew that only a small portion of ibuprofen will go to your head to cure your headache. The question is, where are the other milligrams of ibuprofen go? This will now create another disease because those body parts which are healthy are now affected by the ibuprofen that you take.  You cured one disease but you created several side effects, which will eventually lead to more complex diseases.

        Medicines can dumb your body’s health defense. Teach your body heal itself, get rid of medicine.

      • AntonioT

        we are like material animals ( like a lion,  a duck,  a bear,  aso, pusa, )
        our bodies are composed of millions and millions of cells,, living cells and all these cells want nutrients,  food,,,,, if you feed your self with toxic food which your cells do not like,,, you will become sick
        same with other lions,,, if they feed on poison,,, they will die too
        we use medicines to remedy the pain and the sickness,,, but medicine is not a cure for all,,,,best cure is not to eat toxic food,,, eat natural and healthy food for your bodies,,,, like vegetables,  fruits,  clean water,  and healthy food,,, not junk food,  not alcohol,  not smoking,,,,, clean life
        those animals in the jungle do not have a doctor and they do not take medicine because they are wild animals,,,,  but they are smarter than us, human beings,,,, because these wild animals know what is right food to take and what is not,,,, they know which berries or plants to eat,,to remedy their pains,,, their medicine is right there in the jungle,,, in the wild,,,,,, simple remedy,,, i am not against doctors, medicines and hospitals,,,, i am in favor of a more simple way of taking care of our bodies,,,,, common sense
        poison in,, poison out,,,,, let us not eat poison,,, let us eat the natural food needed by our bodies,,,, simple and nutritious food,,, no need for vitamins,  no need for injections,,, and no need for scan, xray or surgery,,,, what we need is a basic faith in our bodies,,,, our bodies can heal by natural means,,, we got enough antibodies that can heal

  • cutie boy

    another fad…… kung totoo lahat kiniclaim ng mga pekeng health experts at gumagawa ng supplements   sana wala na sakit sa mundo.. kiniclaim nila na halos lahat ng sakit nagagamot nila….. masasayang lang pera nyo sa kabibili nyan….

    • Bubbles

      absolutely you didn’t understand the concepts of naturapathy as explained by Tips. re-read please, before you comment again.

  • Spike

    Another quack – who wants to suck up the money of foolish ignorant Filipinos.  He cant sell his crap in the US

    • Bubbles

      you are not obliged anyway to patronize or buy that Tips is advocating. you have all the freewill. go to whatever you are comfortable with. and please excuse, Filipinos are not ignorant except for one thing, being fooled by politicians.

    • Thelma Marisol

      But did you know that western medicine is just as guilty of “quackery?” When was the last time you went to a doctor? Were you cured of what you complained about? Or are you still under some maintenance medication now?

      The FDA will often approve pharmaceuticals that only produce results in 5 percent of the clinical trial subjects. The world of modern medicine, in fact, is full of pharmaceuticals that simply don’t work on 95% of the patients who take them. In most cases, the body is able to heal itself with the same effect whether via a placebo or via an active ingredient.

      Chronic syndromes that have no proper cure in Western medicine have cures in other disciplines. You better shop around and do your own research with whatever ailment you may be suffering from.


  • Anonymous

    Medicines are not disease-specific. The medicine that you take will run to all parts of your body, from head to toe, even at the tip of your finger. Take for example, you will simultaneously have a headache, toothache, backpain, musclepain. Just a tablet of alaxan relieves you off from all the pains simultaneously. A simple headache only needs a microgram not milligram of ibuprofen, a 500mg tablet of alaxan is too much for a headache. That is why you take a 500mg of ibuprofen because the pharmaceuticals knew that only a small portion of ibuprofen will go to your head to cure your headache. The question is, where are the other milligrams of ibuprofen go? This will now create another disease because those body parts which are healthy are now affected by the ibuprofen that you take. You cured one disease but you created several side effects, which will eventually lead to more complex diseases.Medicines can dumb your body’s health defense. Teach your body heal itself, get rid of medicine.

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