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How to keep romance alive


When Migs and I got married, we had all the time in the world for weekly date nights. I would look for interesting places to dine in or visit.

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What do you say to a parent who has lost a child?


Last week, on our way home from a quiet weekend out of town with our kids, my husband broke the bad news. The child of a good friend had passed away.

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Remember when we didn’t have these many toy choices?


Every now and then, the newspaper delivery comes with a toy catalog. I get rid of it before my kids get the chance to start pointing, asking and begging for the toys.

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Practical tips to protect your child from kidnappers


Last month, there was a lot of talk about kidnappings, partly due to what people thought was an abduction on Edsa. Some parents perceive a resurgence in kidnapping.

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What causes sudden infant death–and can a parent prevent it?


Do you remember that biblical story of the two mothers and King Solomon? It’s about two women who went to sleep with their respective newborns. In the morning, one baby is found lifeless and the two mothers proceed to claim the one who is alive as their own.

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