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The ghosts of August


On Aug. 13,1990, I became, to Carlo, a first-time grandmother—Mamita. In that golden moment, all the ghostly aspects surrounding both the month of August and the number 13 lost their dreaded power to cause me harm or spook my luck.

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It’s only money

“…BUT can’t buy me love”. VOS

How many times have I heard it and now ask, how can anyone, indeed, belittle money?

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Why they are coming home and retiring in good old Pinas

JIM and Hedy Toolen

As if it’s the most natural thing, Filipinos who have spent their most productive years abroad come home not only to retire but also to share both wealth and know-how.

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Perfect timing

“THIS should be as good a time as any.”

When, indeed, is it a good time to do anything, and at our age, too?

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To party or not


Why not, indeed, celebrate birthdays. I do, at every chance. It was mom who started me on the happy habit. She never missed mounting the observance—for herself and me—so that most of my classmates, to this day, still somehow remember my birth month, if not the exact day.

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