Never holier

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Never holier

Aging, which makes staying put an easy choice, has done it for us at this particular time, not to mention the increasingly madding Holy Week crowds that make traveling out of town for a vacation insane—we choose to do that, if at all, before or after Holy Week, and just did so two weeks ago.

But just as well. I have become more fervent in the observance not only of Lent and other religious occasions, but of my God-given all in all. I have, for one thing, become more prayerful, although more and more of it has to do with helping intercede for the healing of friends and relatives of mostly the same advanced years as us—it seems their own state of health has been aggravated by COVID.

With fair consistency, I’ve started doing the 3 p.m. habit, along with the rosary. Mass has become a real Sunday celebration for us, at the Asian Institute of Management, sumptuous food for the soul. Thanks to the Jesuit presiders, I come away with a more profound and relevant, thus more touching, indeed a more exciting, appreciation of the gospel.

The very concept of Easter itself has become more personal for me. It becomes real for me not only once a year. I become aware of a new life when I rise up every morning, and I begin the day resolved to live a more significant life for both myself and others. I realize that at any time, at any place, everything could well be over for people my age, but, for the grace of God, I’m still here. Imagine how loved I feel every time I am reminded of the blessing of fair health.

More sensitive

Indeed, I have also become sensitive to God’s many mercies. I’m especially touched that He took the trouble, for instance, to have handpicked the people who are around me at this stage of my life.

Not in any desperate need, sadly something that cannot be said for others, including some of my own friends, I’m grateful to be of some help; at the same time, I’m grateful for the peace of mind, for some comforts, and for the abundant love and care—in fact, I feel richer now than ever in friendships. Even some relatives have become closer at this time.

Holy Week for me is truly a time to thank God for this one great life, and I do, and don’t run out of occasions to become aware of it— those occasions in fact come oftener the older I get. I never really thought I could get any holier.

To be sure, the fulfillment is never complete unless a good part of it is accounted for by helping fill the lack for the less fortunate. As it happens, there are simply too many of them around to justify the slightest excuse of oversight. It’s not enough to have them in our prayers; they ought, as a matter of basic humanity, to be benefactors of our charity.

And Easter is a good time as any to not merely reflect on it but act on it with all of our genuinely generous Christian hearts.

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