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She’s ashamed of her dysfunctional family situation


We are a broken, very dysfunctional family. For 21 years, my three children grew up together with my alcoholic, psychologically abusive, and latent homosexual husband who gave minimal material support to us—until we separated later.

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Her husband has a child with another woman, but refuses to separate


I am a 50-year-old mother of three and married to an unfaithful husband. I discovered his five-year affair with a 24-year-old woman and their two-year-old child a year ago when he asked my permission to take out a loan on his salary.

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Her in-laws have overstayed their welcome

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My husband and I had been married for 12 years when his parents decided to live with us five years ago. I have nothing against them, but this arrangement is not comfortable at all.

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She’s having an affair–with her ex-husband


My husband and I had a very acrimonious separation 16 years ago. We were married for 20 years and have three children. We went through every process to disconnect us permanently—church and civil annulment, and even a divorce in the US just to speed things up.

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Despite her apology, her friend remains distant and polite


I am in my mid-30s, married, no children. My problem started when my boyfriend told me that a friend, who was the closest to me in our group of six friends, flirted with him and made an indecent proposal. I felt so hurt that I cut her off from the rest of the group, ostracizing her before she could poison the rest of us. I made sure we were all cold to her and never hesitated to ridicule her when she joined our get-togethers.

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