She regrets leaving her husband for her ambitions | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Dear Emily,

I left my husband two years after we got married. I had ambitions and worked to go to college in the province. I got as far as sophomore year. He just wanted to be a farmer like his father and barely finished high school. I was unhappy living in our small town and dreamed of working in Manila. I found work in a restaurant. After seven years, I was made manager by the owner, who made me his mistress, as well. He paid me well and I worked hard to serve him and manage his property. 

But, came the lockdown. Due to very poor revenue, we closed in March and he paid me till the end of June. Since he is in his 70s and sickly, I haven’t talked to him since, as he has been under quarantine with his family. I can try to get help from his best friend, but they’re the same age, and I can’t pay him back if ever his friend dies suddenly. I moved back to the province when I couldn’t pay for my rent anymore. My ex-husband is doing well because he sells produce from his farm. I am now living with a sibling who is as poor as me. I regret wasting the money the old man gave me to buy expensive clothes and branded shoes, which I can’t even wear at this time! Most of all, I regret ever leaving my husband, who has remained single, for my wasted ambition. – Foolish!



There is nothing wrong with having ambitions. You only didn’t think farther than tomorrow. This pandemic just came like a thief in the night and caught everyone flat-footed! Only the ultra-rich are exempt from money worries these days.

Now is the time for you to be creative and see how you can save yourself till everything comes back to normal. Can you cook? That’s what’s keeping many people afloat, by selling food in the street or stalls. Everyone needs to eat. Or you can try eating humble pie by going back to your ex-husband and offering to help him on his farm. He might take you back as a wife, or may need a hired hand. Can you instead try unloading your branded possessions on eBay, as many others are doing? Hey, you never know!

Only the infirm and disabled may be allowed to be truly despondent these days. If you haven’t gotten sick, anyway, in any shape or form, anything is still possible.

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