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Lighten dark underarms with these easy steps

ARMPIT happy

Hi, Ms. Kelly,   I have a question regarding dark underarms. I’m 17 years old and all my life dark underarms have been my ultimate problem.   Someone told me to use calamansi to make them a little fairer. On the third day, I suddenly felt stinging pain on my left underarm. I saw a […]

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How to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles


I am Hariyali, 25, working as a software engineer in an S/W company. Every day I am in front of the laptop for nine hours. Daily I take juice, three liters of water and some fruits. Even with all this I am seeing fine lines under my eyes. What should I do to get rid of the fine lines under my eyes?

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Fun holiday makeup looks to try

MAKEUP and brush sets from Stroke of Midnight collection ALANAH TORRALBA

I don’t have a clue what makeup to try this holiday season and I have a lot of parties to attend. Can you give me some ideas, and tell me what products to use in order to achieve these looks?

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Protect your skin by following these easy steps

DITCH the bad habits and get great skin. WWW.STYLE.COM

I am clueless about skin care. Are there any do’s and don’t’s that you can recommend to keep my skin nice and clear?

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Putting a creative spin to hairstyles

J-LAW and her new pixie cut

I am so bored with my hair. What hairstyles can I try for 2014? —Liza Q.

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