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Spicy tomato marmalade

TURKISH Spicy Tomato Marmalade

During a cooking class held recently at the Makati Shangri-La hotel, Turkish chefs Harum Imre and Ramazan Edrem showed us how to prepare some of their country’s popular dishes.

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Turkish stuffed eggplants

TURKISH stuffed eggplants

Nearly everyone I know who has visited Turkey raves about its cuisine. Oh, the country is really beautiful, they say, and the shopping bazaars, where you can find everything, from herbs and spices to intricately woven carpets, are fantastic.

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Romulo Café’s ‘guinataang sigarilyas’ with ‘tinapa’

GUINATAANG Sigarilyas with Tinapa

He was known as a soldier, writer, statesman and diplomat. In private life, Gen. Carlos P. Romulo was also quite a gourmet who knew how to enjoy superb meals, whether in a restaurant or in the privacy of the family dining room.

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Pecan pie with chocolate chips

PECAN Pie with Chocolate Chips

The macaroni and cheese glistens under the glare of the evening lights, a golden crust of Cheddar cheese spread over curls of elbow macaroni—inviting, unapologetic, conjuring images of home-cooked meals eaten in the comfort of a warm kitchen. Beside it the meat loaf drips with a rich brown gravy and looks equally tempting.

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Back-to-school ‘baon’: hot dogs on skewers

HOT Dogs on Skewers

Now that school is back, parents have to think what delectable lunch they can pack for their kids every week day. My own kids, when they were in grade school and high school, preferred a home-cooked meal to the dismal ones served in the school cafeteria.

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