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Tom Yum Kung

TOM Yum Kung

The weeks leading to Christmas have been a whirlwind of activities, with products and places being launched in various parts of the city.

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Lamb ‘rendang’


          If there’s any chef who can rightfully say he does things his way, it’s Marco Legasto. As executive chef of the recently opened 22 Jupiter Bistro Bar, he has crafted a menu that defies convention, with dishes ranging from the European (paella, Italian beef stew) to the American (hamburger) to […]

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Baked mashed potatoes with cornflakes topping

BAKEDMashed Potatoes with Cornflakes Topping

This is a very rich, upscale version of mashed potatoes. With half a cup of butter, a whole can of cream of chicken soup, sour cream and lots of cheese in the mixture, it makes for a very hearty dish that’s sure to please guests in any gathering.

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D.I.Y: ‘Champorado’

MAMA Sita president Clara Reyes Lapus
presents the champorado porridge kit at the
Salon International de l’Agroalimentaire in

There’s nothing like a bowl of hot soup or rice porridge to keep us warm during these chilly November days.

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Chocolate marshmallow brownies

CHOCOLATE Marshmallow Brownies

There are perhaps as many variations of brownies as there are bakers. Some purists say brownies must contain walnuts, or they can’t be called brownies. Others contend that any kind of nut will do, while still others avoid putting nuts at all.

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