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The beautifully naked look–how to achieve it


I enjoy applying makeup. Not only do I feel better when I have it on, but I find the whole process of application even more interesting.

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Honey equals healthy skin

PHOTO-COLLAGE by Nimu Muallam

Honey is very beneficial to the skin.

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From skincare to nail polish: Best products for moms


If you don’t own a single Sisley product, it’s about time you visit its counter in Rustan’s. I say this because it’s always worth checking out brands other than what you normally use to get the best results for your skin.

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Finding a middle ground in fashion, beauty

LA MER Eye Concentrate

A woman’s beauty routine depends on her role in life. Quick and easy regimens, for example, are usually for busy mothers, while potent eye products are for corporate women.

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‘Maleficent’-inspired MAC line can be used day or night

DISNEY’S “Maleficent” now has a makeup collection by MAC.

The worst thing that could happen when buying a new line of MAC makeup is to be told at the counter that it’s been sold out. It has happened to me twice, so I vowed not to wait too long when I feel that a newly launched product is worth having.

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