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Onin Lorente’s leap of faith


“It’s surprising to meet people in different cities, then you meet them again in another city,” said fashion blogger and photographer Onin Lorente. It’s definitely true.

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Our ’May’ wishes for you

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So folks, Sarah and I always believe in the power of the spoken and written word. Since the month of May is wrapping up, here are the wishes we would like to come true. We suggest you write down your own wishes for May, too. Feel free to take what you liked below to fit your own circumstances when you write your own wishes. Happy wishing!

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Chasing happiness and spirituality

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And then, I opened my eyes… That was the end of another meditation session—which followed the ritual of closing my eyes, quieting my mind, and reconnecting with my inner self. I used to roll my eyes over meditation and all that so-called fancy talk, but lately it has started to work better for me.

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In James Jean’s universe

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For some people, their work speaks for itself. For artist James Jean, his work can convey anything from a scream to a whisper. When you look at his detailed, surreal artwork, you are able to take an intimate peek into his thoughts and emotions. It’s this kind of direct honesty from mind to canvas that has made his work so remarkable.

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Get ready, get set, fly

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Today was pretty normal—I woke up, made coffee, turned on my playlist, and wrote on my journal. Looking out the window, I saw my neighbor doing some serious tai chi; it wasn’t my usual bustling Makati scenery. There were at least four temples, and just a few minutes ago, a bus of tourists was parked outside.

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