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Secure your child’s college education the easy way


It is every parent’s dream to send his child to college. However, given the continuously increasing rates of tuition in universities and the relatively lower rate of increase in salary that employees receive each year, securing one’s children’s future becomes a big financial challenge for many households.

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Baby Fair offers big discounts

the fair
adorable Winnie
the Pooh
apparel and the
freshest basics

Robinsons Department Store holds the month-long Baby Fair this October with discounts of up to 50 percent.

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Mom’s solution for her picky eater: bento lunchboxes

KAT and daughter Zen
working on a bento

Katrina Delgado-Maderazo was concerned. Zen, her six-year-old daughter, wasn’t finishing her school meals.

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A bento crash course

1. Research on Instagram, Pinterest, watch YouTube tutorials and attend workshops if you can.

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Filipina moms choose to build a generation of kids with ‘multiple intelligence’

Stylist, Author, and Columnist Jenni Epperson with son Dylan Epperson.

Traditionally, it is believed that standardized intelligence tests measure intelligence accurately and meaningfully, but according to Howard Gardner, Hobbs professor of education and cognition at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, intelligence is more complex than that.

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