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Lamb ‘rendang’


          If there’s any chef who can rightfully say he does things his way, it’s Marco Legasto. As executive chef of the recently opened 22 Jupiter Bistro Bar, he has crafted a menu that defies convention, with dishes ranging from the European (paella, Italian beef stew) to the American (hamburger) to […]

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Spicy tomato marmalade

TURKISH Spicy Tomato Marmalade

During a cooking class held recently at the Makati Shangri-La hotel, Turkish chefs Harum Imre and Ramazan Edrem showed us how to prepare some of their country’s popular dishes.

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Crisp, golden French fries

FRENCH fries

Recently while we were eating in a restaurant, my husband made a comment that really perked me up. Tasting the French fries that came with the meal, he said the fries we had at home were much better and mas masarap (more delicious).

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Poached barramundi with yellow Darwin sauce and ‘bok choy’

POACHED Barramundi with Yellow Darwin Sauce and Bok Choy

For someone who’s been labeled a “Rude Boy,” chef Aaron Craze is very polite. He smiles a lot, says thank you and even does a children’s show in London where he’s based.

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Quick and easy ‘champorado’


During my sister Cory’s recent visit to Manila, she told me about this recipe which she often makes for her grandchildren, Vanessa and Santi, back in Sydney where they live. It’s so easy and tasty, and the kids simply love it.

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